Monday, June 4, 2012

Still Around

I love the little top hat.

We're still here. Curt finished first grade with a straight A average. Yippee! The year-end IEP went well. He will still get help next year. Why do they always tell you when you sign the IEP that you are signing for him because he is under 18 and that when he is 18, he can sign for himself. Really? Thanks for the encouragement.

I still worry. I just don't worry every day. It does get easier. His school ranked first in the Western part of our state. Unfortunately, that ranking is based on TCAP scores. And, boy, do I hate me some TCAP.

Stepson will be a junior next year. He moved here to live with us at the beginning of 7th grade. That in itself is mind-blowing to me. His football team were state runners-up last year. An extremely fun season in which I became obsessed and now qualify as an offical (obnoxious) "football Mom." I know have a whole new group of friends. Yes, me, the "no new friends" person.

Life is good. It is hard some days and it is wonderful on others. Husband and I are possibly getting along better than ever.

Still have my prescription for Xanax, but the bottle remains (mostly) full.