Friday, September 23, 2011

A Long-Overdue Update (which is actually disjointed messages to Ange)

Ange posted an update recently about new challenges occuring at middle school. I'm sure if you're reading this, you know Ange. After all, she is the queen of the late-talking Mom bloggers. But, just in case, be sure and read her and Jack's story. It made me call the Camaratas. (Note: messages are edited slightly, mainly for grammar.)


I'm posting this on my iPad so hell. It will be riddled with errors. Deep breath. Yes, hormones. You may remember that we have had my stepson since he was 13. Yowsa. Was not prepared for that in a boy. Bad from 12 to 15 in my case, my knowledge.

The have to have things "his" way? Like, where he puts his glass at "exactly" the same spot and what time we do things? Holy moly. If I tell him were taking a bath at 7 and try to put him in at 6:58? No. He sits in the same place and has his routine and if gets out of it except for certain things, ball games, only on weekends btw, he will freak.

Tried tiny football and quit. Loved the exercises but couldn't take the stance for 9 minutes then action for 30 seconds. I am a perfectionist. Are you? Is this why this is extremely hard or would it be this hard anyway? I wonder.

I resonate with your post and applaud you for telling the raw hard truth. I am already seeing in first grade many kids separating from him.

Doing great, gradewise, though. Still in resource. Can't handle the whole group. May be this will be my next blog post. I have been bad, but don't know one day what the next day will bring.


Forgot to you lots. Blips in road for all of us. Stepson got another D. Been a struggle with him for different reasons. Yet, he is a football star so who cares? That was sarcastic. Hardy freaking har.

Ok. Another one. Curt also fought sleep. When he went to preschool and napped, it was midnight or 1 a.m. before we could get him to sleep. Only then did he start sleeping in our bed so we could get some sleep! Unfortunately, he still does. Not a queen or a king. Full size. Ouch.

The worst is that he is still such a picky eater. Won't try anything. When I say he eats five things, I am not exagerating! People look at me like I'm such a bad parent, "Just make him eat! If he gets hungry enough, he'll eat!" WRONG, people. He would go through pre-school all day not eating a thing. His doctor made me feel better. She said, "Eating and potty training you cannot win. It has to be their decision. He's getting what he needs. He's better off than lots of kids who just eat junk." Whew.What he gets is Boost Plus in the morning and evening and gummy vitamins. And some of those five things...

Where he seems to be different than Jack is this: Jack worries, Curt does not. He does not give a RIP about what other people think. Sometimes it's downright embarrassing. Sometimes I'm proud of him for it. First grade boys don't want to hug, unfortunately.



OK, you're going to wish you hadn't asked me for stories! What we did to help sleep. Curt has always had to take antihistimines for his allergies. I read one day about this certain Rx. Side effects were sleepiness, hunger and constipation. I called the doctor THAT day and he bean taking Periactin (generic is cyproheptadine) ever since. It has helped tremendously.


Ange said...

*smirk/blush combination*

Just answered your comments at my place, then answered more, and more... It seems we've been in desperate need of a collective venting. I can't believe all of the things I've held off talking about. All pouring out. But I feel SO much better now. Everyone with their similar stories. Why don't we all talk about this more??

One thing, we did decide to go see a local nurse practitioner. I have no idea what's to expect from this, but a dear friend...dear dear sympathetic friend...hesitated to tell me, then said, 'Her son was diagnosed with Asbergers and then there wasn't anything to do after that, so she did her own research and figured out through a genetic test that he's...(something about not processing minerals correctly, I think?) and now that she's changed up his diet, he's a different kid, soo, I thought maybe she could help you figure out if something like that has been going on all along...'
I know that sounds close to the Jenny McGarthy movement, but on the other hand, maybe we'll learn something. The woman mostly helps with sleep disorders, anxiety, etc., and even helped my friend with her new allergy-- She's a big green tea fan, so I figure we'll at least agree on that. Not able to see her until November, though. Finally got Tom on board (just having flashbacks to those months before the Camaratas), and so...will have to let you know, eh? Feeling energized. Feeling almost CLOSE to a full scientific explanation . Almost. (fingers crossed)

JK said...

I would be VERY interested in hearing about your meeting with NP and maybe seeing if that's something we want to think about.

Thanks so much for venting and allowing me to do the same!