Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yeah I'm THAT kind of Mom

It's hard to believe Kindergarten is behind us. I mean, school is not over, but the testing is done this week and Kindergarden graduation is next week, so for all practical purposes, it's a done deal.

We had our IEP this week. Wow. No behavior goals for next year because none are needed. Can you freaking be-LIEVE it? To be ready for first grade, teachers want them to test above 90 on a level 4-5. Curt tested 92 at level 9 and 90 at level 10! (No, I really don't know what that means as I haven't seen the test, but I know it's damned good!)

He is still scoring low on the DIBEL test, but it is based much on language, from what I understand, so that is not surprising.

So, we needed to decide (as a team) how much academic time he will spend in the regular classroom and how much do we want him to receive resource services.

Our answer might surprise you.

He is going to be in the standard classroom for math (appears to be his strongest area), science and social studies, but we recommended he go to resourse for reading, spelling and language. (Reading is 45 minutes in first grade as opposed to 15 minutes in Kindergarten.) Yes, husband and I actually requested this.

What I thought would be the kiss of death for him has been the best thing. He would not be where he is academically if not for the one-on-one and small group help. The Resource (special ed for you newbies) is WONDERFUL and truly loves him. This school is wonderful for him.

The year ended in a way I could not have believed in August.

He was named Citizen of the Month for April. (Bottom row, far right)

I never thought I'd be the kind of person who would put their child's bumper sticker award (they do magnets now) on my car. You know, "My child is an honor student at blankety-blank school." I mean, come on, how hokey is that? Yet, it's there.

"My child is a Citizen of the Month at DES."

Ready or not, first grade -- here we come.


Jennifer Knight said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Sammy has done really well with his IEP and got the Terrific Kid award at the last assembly... something I couldn't have imagined back in August either. But we just got a little keychain for that instead of a car magnet... :(

JK said...

Jennifer, congratulations right back at cha! Sounds like we have a lot in common! :) I know every Mother is so very proud of their child, but when I think about how far Curt has come since August, I want to kiss that magnet every day.

Missy said...

Yay!! Way to go, Curt!!! Wear that bumper stick- er, magnet with pride, mama!!!!

JK said...

Missy, we are on the same level... Just a few days apart. I know Ethan is in a different environment than Curt but he is thriving there. it is excellent for a public, small town school. Thank you and I know that God has sent us here for Colter and for Curt. I'm sure Ethan is doing great. Please tell...

Pia said...

Beautiful news! Look back on your old posts of concern and reflect... all is well!!!

Ange said...

Every time I see that bumper sticker from now on, I'm going to assume those parents had a lot of personal investment and/or adversity to overcome.

Can NOT believe Curt is going to 1st grade! Proud of him and you, but not at all surprised with how great he's doing. I know you're making the right call on language/spelling/reading. By the time he's in 4th grade, I bet he'll have a lot easier go with reading comprehension than Jack's had with his social studies essays and standardized tests. Took me a long time to accept the extra help, but when you've got a great team, it's easier to think of it more like NASA, with everyone getting those astronauts off the ground.