Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorry to have been gone for so long. Life is kicking my ass.

Curt is doing MUCH better at school, according to the meeting I had last week.

We went over all the "have tos" and then the principal left. And then, they started talking. The lady who seemed the most harsh cried, she loves him so much.

I am in a better place.

And, Curt has a loose tooth. Exciting times!

Hang in there with me. This has been hard. The hardest is behind us, they say. Pray that is the case.

PS had to defend Autism and ADD, but it went ok. Thank God for the C's. The two pictured above are why I get up every morning. And, aren't they handsome?


Missy said...

Glad things are going better with school! I wish we lived closer so I could give you encouraging hugs and hi-fives on a regular basis. ;)

You WILL get to the other side of this stage of life. Just read Ange's blog if you ever start to doubt it. Take it all in right now and let it season you to be a better, more compassionate, loving, and content person (you're already awesome - this is just advice I give myself daily. ;) )

But most of all, let that little boy know every single day that he is WORTH it!!


Ange said...

They're very handsome.