Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School

During the night, I heard a little seems far to me. "Mommy, help me." Then, I woke up.

I took him to the classroom. He hung up his backpack, sat at his seat and began coloring. I waited for my kiss. It didn't happen. I walked the long hallway and out the door. I got in my car. Only then did I "leak" behind my sunglasses. But, there was no sobbing on an "ugly cry." I consider that a great success.

Perhaps the dream was more about me then about Curt. Oh, my little one, I wish you the happiest day and I hope the teachers can see that wonderful light in your eyes. The picture of you and Tippie is in your school box. She is there with you. I love you.

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Revase said...

Sooooo very very happy for all of you! It's such a huge accomplishment for your little guy. He is going to do beautifully and I will pray for him as I pray for my little man.... who incidently is starting to communicate!!! Thanks again for being so brave and being my cyber therapist when I feel desperate at 3am! Your courage and little curts gives me strength every day ;)