Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Which the Other Shoe Drops

So, the meeting with the school went actually very well. My husband and mother were there with me. A BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) was initiated and I agree with everything on it. Mary C. called in on the meeting! Excellent! Least Restrictive Environment. You LT moms know what I am saying.

They all agreed he is a very smart little boy. And can be very sweet, when not being a little shit. I questioned later the conprehensive eval, but was told he had never had one since all his IEPs had been done before K. I agree to that. I spoke to the school psychologist today and I fully trust her intentions. Whew. Their goal is to have him out for speech three times a week (which I already knew) and then have him in resourse (that would be special ed for you newbies) the other two days for thirty minutes to work on behavior techniques. I can work with that.

Until day, that was my biggest worry. And, I felt so much better about it. Until...

(now is the moment the other shoe drops...)

We have had an issue with one teacher at his preschool (now afterschool) being excessively harsh to him during time-outs. Losing her cookies, if you will. I complained once before. Yesterday, Curt told me, "Tree (this is his nickname for her) pulled my arm hard and scratched me." This child never offers up anything. So, I sent the director a message today about it. Very nice. Maybe he was talking about the last time? Grain of salt.

The response I got was that his behavior has deteriorated recently. Really? Big School? His two favorite teachers leaving? All within one month? And, he was asked to leave. After a year and a half. Friday being his last day.

Is God testing me? How much more shit can I take? I didn't even cry. I'm sure I will, but I didn't.

He will go to afterschool and I will worry about summer later. Maybe he can go where Tippee now teaches. All things happen for reason. Right?

Edited in an attempt to take the high road....


Jodi said...

It is shocking he was asked to leave after all that time with no warning! What is up with those people!

Sorry you are having to deal with this. Can't believe this school wasn't willing to work with you more after all his success there. It's so short-sighted and plain stupid on their part.

Ultimately, it's good for our kids NOT to be where they aren't wanted. They sense that, surely. It's difficult though....too many schools/preschools are run by clueless folks!

Jodi said...

Oh, and my other comment is, great news on the meeting! Wonderful that Mary could be there via phone.

Keep us updated on the behavior plan and the eval when you get a chance!

Revase said...

There is a saying in my culture, "Dios aprieta pero no aorca." God squeezes but he does not choke." Since I too have an LT and am still in the really hairy, scary parts I find my self saying this to myself A LOT.Sometimes it works and some times I just need to punch my pillows! I don't want to get all religious on you but I feel like all our little LT's are angels (with attitude mind you!)God knows what he's doing even if we don't. There is a master reason, and I really think you are going to find the right place for Curt (or at least avoid getting arrested if that lady ever put her hands on your kid again!)
One day, sooner than you think, your gorgeous son, with mama's bad ass attitude, is going to thank you with all the articulation of a poet for being such a warrior for him.
God bless your family and keep kicking ass Jeanna.

JK said...

Yes, this was a shock to me. But, if this is happening and nothing is being done about it, then it is not the place he needs to be anyway. I keep telling myself that.

Jodi, will update you on BIP. Can scan it to you if I can dig up your email.

Revase, recently I feel like I am the one getting kicked! And hard! But, I am knocked down, not out.

(Yes, it's me. Trying to be a little less "open" out there. Me, paranoid? Why would I be paranoid!)

Missy said...

Oh man! What a crock. But I have to agree with Jodi - it's not good for our kids to be where they are not wanted. Of course they pick up on that!

She SCRATCHED him?! Hello! Look out, my claws come out when I hear that crap. WTF.

So, I'm confused, then. Is he leaving his current school? Is it a private school?

JK said...

This is preschool where he has been almost two years! He has been going there for after-school program.

Missy said...

Oooooh, so it's not his Kindergarten, just the after school. Gotcha. LAME! The kid just started "real" school for heaven's sake. You'd think they'd give him some time to adjust. Jerks!

Thinking about you today - big hugs! Hope things are going better this week...