Saturday, July 31, 2010

And Now You Are Six

Dear Curt,

And now, you are six.

I know it's not double digits, but it's big to me.

Because when you are six, you will start school. August 12 to be exact. And then, my baby will be gone.

If you read this in the future, I want to tell you a little bit about yourself at this particular time. I will number these for reference.

1. You are a stubborn little shit. You do not give up. While this is not the best character for a six-year-old, I hope this will benefit you later in life.

2. You are beautiful. You are charming. You draw people to you (especially girls/women).

3. You are so great on the computer. You have totally maxed out Math Rabbit at school and at home. You now have to log on using an alias.

4. You are the most loving little boy I know. I wish the (stupid ass) people who thought you were Autistic could see you now; they would see a little boy who loves his Mommy and kisses her ALL the time. On the mouth. Maybe we need to work on that, but not right now.

5.. You can put stuff together! Why does Nanny get you stuff that has 95 pieces? We will never know. I don't think she is purposefully trying to drive me insane. can put it together. I am impressed.

7. You drive me crazy. You have more energy than I have ever had or ever will. You wear me out. You are impatient, demanding and strong-willed.

Yet, I love you, oh so very much.



Pia said...

Time goes faster than it ever should. The days are (sometimes) long, but the years are oh-so-short!

Jeanna said...

Pia, I have said that exact thing so many times!

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