Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summer means (at least for me)....

Firefly hunting

The Lake


Water Skiing (in which I learn I am getting too old for sore!)

Curt's Water Days

C1 at Football practice

Vacation (oil-free!)

Language Camp

Curt's hair, white-blond

Daylight begins and ends when it should (early and late)

less laundry

This summer, I count down the days down with a heavier heart than usual. See, this fall, my stepson is entering high school. And, my baby starts Kindergarten. The beginning of the end.

Here's to an endless summer...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


We are back from the beach! No oil! Curt loved it.

I am also back at work and swamped, so no real post. I did want to reprint a comment I make on Pia's blog because it showed me how far Curt's come in language -- but how much he understood despite his lack of speech. Also, I want to encourage other moms who are in that three-year-old age range when everything can look its bleakest!

"When Curt was 3 (isn't J-Man three?), we were on a trip. He, too, had practically no language at that time.

He had an alphabet game in the back seat. He played with it often. It would ask, "Where's the letter W?" and you were supposed to push it. Curt always preferred the music part of the game.

However, that day, a beautiful Friday afternoon on the way to Alabama, my Curt answered every letter it asked while I sat perfectly still in the front seat watching him in the rear-view mirror -- petrified if I moved I would wake and realize it was a dream.

Tears are in my eyes years later when I remember that moment when I realized Curt was wicked smart. You hang in there, Mama."