Thursday, April 8, 2010


Spring is finally here. The birds, the blooms, the sneezes. Curt's allergies and my own are severe. Joy.

We went to the Camarata's. We haven't received the report yet, and may not for a while, but there were no surprises. He was pretty compliant, although if Mary asked him something he didn't know, he feigned sleepiness. He would actually yawn. My little perfectionist. He test mid-to-late Kindergarten on his academic skills. They estimated his speech would normalize at about 4th grade, which is what I had guessed.

In fact, he took the Kindergarten test at his preschool and scored a 93. Yep, I said a NINETY-THREE! Of course, I cried. He still has the take the official test at the elementary school, but I know he knows!

He asks lots of W questions these days. LT parents will tell you -- this is pretty big. For instance, he recently asked me, "What is that where pee-pee come?" I tell him, "A pe*is." Unlike many words I've had to repeat several times, he got this one immediately. Every evening at bathtime, we now must discuss Curt's "peanuts."

Last week, he drew a self-portrait.

Peanuts included.