Monday, March 22, 2010


Days move so slowly at times, yet the months fly by.

Stepson C’s 15th birthday was this weekend. We had five boys and their large feet at the lake. They were to camp and began the night that way, but then it rained. So, we had them all in the camper. Oy! Little sleep was to be had that evening.

I had to get that complaint out of the way. Ahem. We survived. Barely.

However, a new dynamic is emerging in the household. C specifically asked me to go to his athletic banquet along with dad. I rearranged a work commitment for that evening and got a sitter for Curt.

Then, yesterday, he called me to his room.

“Do you think Dad will let me go to X?” he asked.
“Well, what time will you be home?”
“About six.”
“Do you have homework?”
“I think he will be fine with that.”
“Would you ask him?”


The boy who never before asked my permission – only Dad’s counts – is now asking me to be the go-between? Like a real Mom?

I will never be his mother. But, I do like that the emphasis may be changing from Step-mom to step-Mom. It’s a good feeling.