Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy as a Dog?

The new year is kicking my ass. There.

Work? Check. Home? Check. Stepson grounded for bad grades and cannot leave the house, therefore making us ALL miserable? Check!

Curt is now dealing with the Kindergarten pre-test at school. I am trying to help. How in the world is he going to real school next year? How is that possible? He is my baby. Yet, we are praticing our phone number this weekend -- address yet to come.

He LUVS his teacher, Miss Tippee (Tiffany for those not in the know). She just got a sweet pug dog. Thank God for animals. And, thank God for Miss Tippee.

Curt giving Miss Tippee's dog, Lettie, a kiss. His current school? The best move I ever made.

Photo courtesy of Miss Tippee's phone. See why I love her and this place? I get photos all the time!


Suzanne said...

Kindergarten. Wow. I'm glad Curt loves his teacher and is doing well.

alpharat said...

Ah yes, being a pain in the ass while grounded is unfortunately a tried-and-true way for kids to become so unbearable that they get their sentence reduced for bad behavior.

Jeanna said...


So true, so true. I am more "check to to if he is doing his work." My husband has come to the point that he says, "He has to take some initiative. He's get tired of being grounded. I can outlast him."

My response? "I hope I can!" One can only take so much of looking at the size 12s laid up on the couch!