Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2009. A year in which nothing extraordinarily wonderful happened.* A year in which nothing devastating happened. Goodbye, 2009!

Hello, 2010. Did I make any mind-boggling resolutions? No.

I am making "Everyday Resolutions" instead. Things like...

1. Try not to worry so much about the way the house looks and if the laundry is caught up. (I am obsessive about laundry. But, I can never be caught up. Thus, the unhappy Imperfect Perfectionist.)

2. I will ask for help from my family instead of being angry and passive/aggressive that they don't see the things that need to be done without being asked. They are, after all, men.

3. I will let Curt and Cowboy have their time together without telling Daddy what Curt needs. Curt can do that now.

4. I will call the repair man and schedule a time to come fix a few things at the house instead of being angry that the DAMNED DOOR IS STILL BROKEN!

5. I will try to be more calm and loving, instead of abrasive, shrill and impatient.

6. I will try to sit down and enjoy life, even if the sink is full of dishes.

7. I will breathe.

Happy 2010!

*Ok, Curt became 100 % potty-trained in 2009. That was pretty wonderful!


alpharat said...

Breathing is important, as are resolutions that you can chip away at - even if you misstep one of your "everyday resolutions" you can try again tomorrow.

PuraAbarca said...

wonderful ..................................................

Ange said...

How's it going so far, pal?

Jeanna said...

One day at a time, Ange! I am asking for help and receiving it! You know the old saying....you can change one person and that is yourself. I'm trying that one. :)

PS Can't comment on your blog! Don't know why...