Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yes, a phone interview. This afternoon.

During an especially bad week, I applied for this job online. I got the call Friday. The job is in another state, close to Cowboy's family. To Curt's cousins.

What am I thinking? I haven't been on an interview for 15 years!

Nothing will probably come of it, but I need to do this. The fact I feel like I may vomit tells me how much I need to do this.


Suzanne said...

Um. Good luck?

Ange said...

How'd it go??
Wish I knew where you were talking. Something tells me it's not closer to where I live, though.

Hey, I keep meaning to update about Jack, and third grade is so blipping busy, it's been hard.
Wish you could come up on Nov. 18th with Curt. Jack's in a school play and I'm very excited.

Good luck! I know that urge--that 'need to do this' feeling.