Sunday, September 20, 2009

Message to Jodi

Yes, it's hard being in social situations, especially around those who do not know us. Those who know us know Curt and generally love him. His soccer coach seems to love him as well. Soccer has been a challenge. Yes, I know swimming or archery might be better for him, but we're in a very small town and we don't have very many options!

I don't even want to tell Ange this b/c she will get so mad... Last week at practice, this little boy came up to me and said, "Curt is playing soccer?" (He was probably 6?) and I said yes. He said, "He will have to practice ALOT to play soccer!" and I agreed, yes, he will. He then told this little girl, probably 7 or 8, "Curt is playing soccer!" like it was the most weird thing in the world. She said something that I could not hear (probably a good thing) and her mother said, "Don't be ugly."

I just want to hurt people sometimes. Actually cause them physical pain. Would that make a difference? No. But, it might make me feel better in the short haul.

I would like to talk more to you about parents' rights and what I can ask for in school. Very small school. Don't know what to expect, except the SLP who works with Curt there has a Down's child and she insisted on inclusion, so that is a great sign. I don't think they will even try to not to put him in regular classroom.


I have to be honest. Sometimes I feel like, "I did not sign up for this." Then, I look in Curt's beautiful eyes and think, I wouldn't have it any other way. This is my Curt and I love him, and he is perfect to me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Best Letter Ever

I received a written, from the USPS, letter from Ange's son, Jack, this week. He wrote it himself. To me. I almost feel like I got a letter from Oprah, except it was really personal...and in pencil.

I took a photo of the letter. I am proud of him. However, since my home computer is acting wonky, it wouldn't download (what are my husband and my stepson doing with this computer when I'm not here?). That being said, it read:

Dear Curt's Mother,

Everyone is going to be fine. I now know you. I love you and Curt. I also know your real name. It is Jeanna. That's a nice name.


Isn't that the best letter ever? I keep it in my car and touch it occasionally, like it's my good luck rabbit's foot.

Ange showed him my facebook page to identify me. Anyone reading this page who does not have a late-talking child may not understand. All goes on, day by day, then one day, you have a really bad day. The next week, you have a really good day. That was yesterday. He played with his cousins from Alabama, tackling and chasing just like any other little body. And, today, he counted to 30 in the tub.

Life is a series of highs and lows. I don't enjoy the lows, but I love the highs.

Thank you, Jack, for the high.

Curt's Mother

PS I also got a drawing from Pickles, which was excellent! Van Gogh, watch out. What a bonus.