Friday, June 26, 2009

My Summer by Curt (transcribed by Mommy)

I love summer! I get to go outside a lot.

I am having a busy summer. This is my week.

Mondays and Tuesdays are just regular days. I go to school. I like my school. There, I play outside and on the computer and we learn all kinds of stuff we will need for big-boy school. I also watch everyone else eat and take a nap. Me, not so much. I like to hug Miss Tiffany, Miss Alisha and Miss Ginger. Last week, I bit Miss Ashley. It has been a long time since I have bit, but Mommy was mad and told me she would bite me if I bit again.

Wednesday is Library Day! My school is down the street from the Library. We hold hands and walk down the sidewalk together. They are having a summer program and we do all kinds of fun things, like ride in a firetruck and sit in a police car. This week, the mad scientist came and I helped him "shock a lemon" as you can see from the picture below.

It's not a very good picture, because Miss Tiffany sent it to Mommy on her cell phone.

Thursdays, I go to Language Camp in Jackson. I get to watch and movies and eat crackers and drink juice on the drive, which is pretty long for me. I ask Mommy to stop several times so I can go pee-pee. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I am scared of the automatic toilets. They are too loud.

Language Camp is fun. Last week, we did camping things. This week was even more fun. I got to be a scientist and wear a lab coat. We made bubbles (I thought you only got those at the store) and also made a volcano out of regular stuff we have at the house. My favorite part was the volcano.

Friday is Water Day at my school! I love Water Day! We get to play outside all morning in little pools and sprinklers. I wake up very easy on Water Day and love to get dressed in my swimsuit and swim shoes. This morning, I wanted to leave quickly, so I helped Mommy make the bed. For some reason, it wasn't any faster.

Friday nights, I get Mommy all to myself. Daddy and Brother are gone to the Lake. You would think that I would be very tired from Water Day, but sometimes I still stay up until almost 10 o o. I am a big boy.

Saturdays, Mommy and I go to the Lake. This is my favorite thing. We ride the boat. Daddy goes very fast and the waves spray me. That is fun. Then, we stop and I get to swim. I can swim for a very long time. I also like to jump off the boat into the water. Sometimes, we go to a floating restaurant and I get to throw chips to the fish and turtles. They are very hungry.

When we come back to the camper, I lie on the bed, watch movies and eat. I also take a ride on the golf cart. On Saturday night, I am usually very tired and go to sleep early. I hope that doesn't make Mommy sad.

Sunday, sometimes we ride the boat again and sometimes, we just go home. I ask Mommy to stop several times on way home to pee-pee. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. When we get home, Mommy does laundry while I play on my computer.

Sunday afternoon Mommy and I go to the grocery store. Sometimes Daddy goes too, but Mommy doesn't like that because she says he buys too much junk. If I am good in the store, Mommy buys me a sucker.

Monday morning I ask Mommy if it is Water Day. She says no. I love Water Day.