Thursday, May 21, 2009

One summer, at band camp...

Friday was Curt's last day of speech (summer) and we had his IEP. Since August, here are the updates (in years):

2.1 - 3.9
Increase of 1.8

1.10 - 2.4
Increase of 6.0

1.10 - 3.0
Increase of 1.2 years

I was thrilled with his receptive progress, but a little disappointed with expressive. It seems that he has come much further than that to me.

In other news, Curt will be attending "Language Camp" this summer. It is described as: "This camp is for children grades K-3 and conducted by two SLPs. Is is designed to offer language, comprehension, articulation, and cognitive stimulation during the summer months."It is once a week (two hours) for four weeks. Good news? It's only $100, which sounds like a bargain when you compare it to private speech therapy! Also, it sounds fun with circus themes, etc. Bad news? It's in a city an hour away. Oh well. Secret news? He's not really starting Kindergarten in the fall, but I didn't tell them!

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