Wednesday, May 6, 2009

80s Faves

Ahh, the 80s. That sweet decade of big hair, skinny-legged jeans and blue eyeshadow. I miss you, 80s, and my young skin.

What's to love, you ask?

Calvin Klein jeans: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." I loved CK jeans (when the name was spelled out) almost as much as my girl-crush on Brooke Shields. "Brooke" was a nickname in high school for three reasons: I only wore Calvin Klein jeans; I had long, dark hair; thick eyebrows.

Headbands and leg-warmers: "Let's Get Physical!" No matter that there was absolutely no reason for the headband. It had no purpose whatsoever. No matter legwarmers made even those with thin legs look chunky. We wore them -- and we wore them together.

Big Hair: I still fight the urge to make my hair large. I love big hair and I am waiting patiently for its return.

Candie's: No, you couldn't walk in them very well (well, if you were me, anyway) and yes, that high-heeled, backless "clicking" when you walked was irritating. But, they were cool! especially when you wore them with your....

Satin Jacket: Baby blue, soft pink. I loved my satin jacket almost as much as my rabbit-fur jacket (in all white; mine was the prettiest) and, later, my Michael Jackson-inspired red pleather jacket given to me by a boyfriend. And, speaking of...

Michael Jackson: "Off the Wall" Before his weirdness and when he had a real nose. And, he was rumored to date Brooke Shields.

Talking on the Phone: Not emailing, not texting. Talking. On a phone with a cord. To your girlfriends for a very long time. Or, in the evening, in your dark room to the boy du jour.

Rick Springfield: Before he was cutting CD's for kids, he had us all wishing we were "Jessie's girl."

Lauren perfume: The original Ralph Lauren, the best Ralph Lauren. You wore this special perfume with your....

Polo shirts: Preferably two of them (or three!). It was the coolest when your little polo man on your outside shirt matched the color on your inside shirt.

School: Before "No Kid Left Behind," this could actually be a fun place. Hanging out before the first bell, watching to downtown to lunch (which included a bags of chips, a Diet Coke and a smoke.)

There may be a second edition of "I Heart the 80s" as I am sure I've omitted many wonderful things about this decade. In the meantime, please feel free to add your personal favorite.


Brenda said...

Great post, Jeanna!

Suzanne said...

Love this post.

mary eva said...


Especially the invocation of "Off the Wall."

Coyote Bebop said...

I'm goona post an 80s pic for ya. One that I found at a thrift store. Give me a coupla days.

I went from 70s rocker to 80s punker. I never did the polo, or flourecent colored sweat pants tucked into my Cons.

Although, I did own a pair of Cons. They WERE very comfortable tennys.

I miss the girls with the blonde "billie jean" haircuts, and that very hot niavete'.

I miss going anywhere, to do anything. I miss Hollywood Boulevard. I miss quitting my job, on the fly, because my boss pissed me off. I miss my green 1974 Datsun B-210, and it's crappy tape deck.

I actually don't miss any of those things...but I do look back on them with nostalgia.