Thursday, April 30, 2009

Same life, new camper

I seem to be out of words these days.

Life is not bad. Life is not good.

Currently, life is in a hotel room in Knoxville, where I am currently sipping my vodka and Diet Coke (the machine was out of Sprite, dammit) and listening to "Seinfeld" in the background.

Sounds lonely? It's not.

I am enjoying my time alone. I did not ask for the trip, nor really want it, but it is good.

The fact is, I do not have time alone. I am either at work, with people surrounding me and constantly asking questions, or I am at home with Curt constantly vying for my attention, while I am trying to do job number two: laundry, dishes, keeping the fam on schedule.

What's up? Well...

C1 had an excellent report card (at least compared to the beginning of the year). Nothing below a "C." This is a first for him with us. Praise was given and I almost cried. I certainly hope he can keep this up.

Curt continues to be an angel/devil. He is learning every day and recited his birthday and name this week at school as requested. He continues to crap in his pants and I continue to put big boy pants on him and try to encourage him/time out him to pa-lease use the freaking potty! Come on, son, how hard can it be?

We had a big event at work this month which is now over. Thank God. It was stressful to say the least. I will be taking some time off, I swear.

Cowboy is stressed as per usual. However, things are happening that may prove to improve our financial situation 200 percent.

We sold our camper and bought a new one. We wanted to buy a cabin and found one we loved, but were not willing to spend the $$ they wanted. This one is bigger and allow for the addition of a 14-year-old who will be an addition this year and the next ones, we hope. (With three bunk beds -- built into the wall!)
We bought the porch on the camper which was in the "spot" which is huge and has a ceiling fan. The screen needs to be replaced, but it will be much more comfortable. Camp Redneck, here we come. (And we are no longer neighbors with the woman with whom I do not speak. The one who commented on Curt and broke my heart. Best reason ever.) Will post photo of the porch when I actually take one.

I am here. I am peaceful. I am fine.

Oh, and I love Adam Lambert. A girl's gotta have some entertainment, right?

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