Monday, March 16, 2009

The Weekend in (Bad) Pictures

C1's Anatomy of a Cell project?

Completed! With little or no attitude! He took an active "helper" role (Cowboy took Curt for an extended ride) and even commented when we were finished, "That wasn't bad at all!"

My mother bought Curt the series, "Your Baby Can Read." We received it in the mail Saturday. I put one of the DVD's in for Curt.

And, he read the words. Without any photos. Immediately. As I suspected, he IS reading.

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.

PS If anyone has any hints about cell phone photos, i.e., how to make them less sucky? I mean, I realize they are cell phone photos, but these really suck!

ETA: When I picked Curt up from preschool, I told his teacher about the weekend reading experience. Seems it's not isolated! She was working with Curt on sight cards to identify letters. The sight card read, "h house"(no picture). She quizzed him about the "h," but he responded, "house!" I told her, "Yes, because he doesn't talk very much, I am sometimes surprised at how much he knows!" That's Semi for "Don't underestimate my child."


Ange said...

Well done! Awesome!!

Once again, not at all surprised.


Missy said...

How exciting! Brilliant little stinker! How fun!

Jann said...

OK, butting in on the conversation now:

Ange, what's happened to your blog? I can't read it anymore, and I'm going through withdrawal?

Hope all is OK...!


Jeanna said...

Jann, I can see how you are going through withdrawls. Good reads.

Jann said...

Hey Jeanna, on schoolwork:

It seems a lot of boys have issues with school, particularly as they hit middle school.

Do you think C1 just finds the work boring and without purpose?? I think if you can't see any reason to the subject, it can be hard to slog through it.

Also, my husband was notorious to keep working on something after he already knew it. No boring math worksheets for him.

MamaBear said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! Don't EVER underestimate a child. EVER!!

I am not surprised at all. Why don't you get the list of sight words from the elementary school for kindergarten. Kyle knew them the first day and when I showed them to Ryan, he knew about 80% of them.

The project ROCKS!!!