Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break (alas, not for me...)

  • C1 is on Spring Break this week. He is spending it in Alabama. I think we all needed a break. A pattern has emerged; 2-3 days before he visits his mom, he acquires an Attitude with a capital 'A.' Like he is stressed out but, yet, he acts like he wants to go. What's up with that?
  • Report cards will come out next week. Will C1 pass everything for the first time all year? Tune in then to find out.

  • Curt tried THREE foods this weekend: celery, apple and grape. He ate ONE WHOLE grape. I tried to act nonchalant (reverse psychology). I let him eat it in the cart before payment. Sue me.

  • Cowboy has had lots of work in the last two weeks with no breakdowns. Cross your finger, knock on wood, something.

  • It is Monday. I am tired. Oh, and my back hurts.

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