Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School Update

Finally, a post that is not a duplicate of a Facebook note! I am, alas, still addicted. However, meeting new moms of late-talking sons has been a joy! Thanks, Ange!

It’s time for an update on the new school, which isn’t that new anymore. Curt has been there 1.5 months now. Time flies…at least for those of us in this area who have had electricity. Many people were out for almost two weeks.

Ok, back on track. How’s the new school? Dare I say it? IT’S GREAT! I have to say, I really don’t have any complaints. I know, shocking. I’m sure I will eventually have some, but, wow.

What do I/Curt like about this school?

1. They send a short report home every day stating what they had for breakfast, lunch. Curt probably doesn’t eat it, but at least I know what they are offering him.

2. The report also includes what activities they did, what movie they watched, etc., and has a section at the bottom entitled, “You’ll be glad to know.” For instance, “You’ll be glad to know Curt did a great job sharing his ‘all about me’ bag, but was very glad to get his necklace back! ” (Yes, a smiley face on her note!) Curt likes necklaces. The more bling, the better.

3. His teacher sends home a monthly calendar with daily activities and special days noted. Last month, they worked with the alphabet. They walk to the Library on Wednesdays, weather permitting.

4. They have a daily routine, but seem laid-back about it. And, I haven’t heard the dreaded words, “Circle Time” yet.

5. We’ve only had one incident of Curt hitting another child. You may remember at the old school, this was a much more regular occurance.

6. Curt may or may not sleep at naptime. However, if he is quiet, they will allow him to lie quietly and “read” at book.

I think all moms would appreciate these notes, telling them what their child is doing during the day. You can then reinforce what they are learning at home. However, if you have a who child doesn’t come home and tell you about their day, you can’t imagine how this makes you feel more a part of it.


No school for C1 on Friday, so we are going to Alabama so he can see his new half-brothers. Mom, 39 and unmarried, gave birth to bi-racial twins two weeks ago. I can’t even imagine.


Suzanne said...

:BOGGLE: (last paragraph)

Ange said...

That was some footnote!

This post reminded me of Jack's first grade experience. We were getting daily notes in Kindergarten, but they were never, "You'll be glad to know."
Always the other. Which is why when the teachers asked me at the beginning of the year if I wanted to do a journal, I said a nervous and jittery NO!
But this a much more effective form of communication you have going on with Curt's school, so I'm real happy for you guys. To this DAY, I get an email from the teacher and hold my breath, but it's always positive, and you're right. They don't come home and go on and on about their days, so it's great to peek in now and again.

I'm also grateful that Jack's teachers knew the difference between hitting and "frustrated swatting" that first month at the new school. More kids do this than we all discuss. In fact, his first grade teacher told me over the phone, "It's Okay. He's not the only kid who does it. And we know he's a good kid." He spent a lunch period with the principal and it never happened again. Not since October 07. Makes a big difference for the kid, being in an environment where he's not constantly being misunderstood.
You're gonna see so much success from here on out.
I'm really excited for you!

Sounds like you'll be having lots of other things to deal with, so the timing with the new school turned out perfect.

Penny said...

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