Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"New School"

For the week prior, every time we would drive by the new school, I would tell Curt, "There's your new school!" On his first time there, we drove up and he said, "New School!"

The transition has gone surprisingly well so far. We went Monday-Wednesday last week and began full-time this week. The first day he was anxious when I left. He buried his head in my leg and whimpered. I got down on his level and said, "Curt, there's no need to be scared. We've been talking about this. This is your new school and you're going to have fun." The teacher asked him if he wanted x, "No." How about Y? "No." "Would you like to pick out a book to read?" His head perked up and off he went. No tears that day or since.

They are "pretty laid back" in the 4yo class (their words), but are working on ABCS -- today is B is for book day --bring your favorite book. His teacher makes it fun (on "I" day they will build an igloo...) AND ONLY NINE KIDS in his class! I get a little report every day. What they had for breakfast and lunch and all the activities, plus a little section named, "You'll be glad to know..."

I'm sure there will be bad days, but so far, I'm very optimistic. We are almost there on the poo-poo training, but he has had a couple of accidents at school -- he has those more out than at home.

When Cowboy picked him up his last day, Head teacher acted shocked that he wouldn't be back. I had turned in the paperwork, but no one had mentioned him leaving. The director of the old preschool called me last Monday (his first day at new one). She told me she had been out for a week, came back and was surprised to see Curt wouldn't be back.

D: "Do you mind me asking why?"

Semi: "D, I know Curt is a handful. I live with him. But, Head Teacher didn't say one positive thing about him in a year and a half."


D: "I'm sorry to hear that."

Semi: "I wasn't going to say anything, but you asked. The students were great!"

D: "Where are you sending him if you don't mind me asking?"

Semi: "In 'town name.' He will be going to school there and I think it be good for him to go to preschool with those kids. Plus, it's smaller and I think that will help him focus better."

D: "The size of Room four has been an issue for a long time."

She went on to ask if I was sure before she filled his position. I thanked her for calling. We were both very nice.

What a relief.

Yesterday, when I asked him if he wanted to take his teddy bear to school with him, he said, "New School?" and I nodded. He said, "Yes!"


I'm definitely making plans to go back to the Camaratas this summer. They haven't seen Curt since he was 2. I need an updated report for school (fall 2010) and just an updated evaluation, period. At two, they didn't even begin to try to estimate when he would "normalize"-- as they say.


msmec said...

Beautiful kid.

Hope the new school will bring good things.

Yes, the niece looks A LOT like you. Sometimes photos show resemblances that reality doesn't.

MamaBear said...

Drop dead gorgeous litte boy!!

Sounds like a great start to the new year.

Mind if I give you a little tip that helped with Ryan?

Ok, I knew you would. LOL

Don't let the teacher give him an opportunity to say yes or no to an activity. Ask her to say to Curt............

"do you want to color or read a book?"

Instead of "do you want to color?" and then him say "no".

This was a wonderful tip that the SLP taught me and I had to teach his regular preschool teacher.

Hope that helps.

Jeanna said...

Thanks, both of you. Good idea, MamaBear! I have started giving him choices at home -- I will ask them to do so at school as well.

Coyote Bebop said...

Someday, "New School" will refer to all of the colleges that are begging for him to attend.

I don't like to use 'other' bathrooms either.

Every time that I read about Late Talkers, I'm a little taken off guard at how normal reactions seem to be "Late Talking" symptoms. I have Bi-Polar, and Anti-Social issues. I don't need medication, but it still affects my life, albeit in mostly funny ways;

Just yesterday, I was walking past a man, and knew that he was going to say a greeting to me. I prepared myself to respond with a typical "Fine, how are you?", and continued forward. As he passed me, he smiled, and said, "Cold today, huh?". I said, "Fine, how are you?", ducked my head, and walked quickly away.

Last year, when a potential model asked me, "So, do you photograph nudes?", what came out of my mouth was a COMPLETELY absurd sentence, made up of a mish mash of unrelated words. Something like, "Only...gesh...cats..NOBODY..where's my...how?...who?...GILMORE!!"

She still talks to me though.

Normal behavior is like art...it depends on who's looking at it, and why.

Suzanne said...

So glad to hear things are going well for Curt!