Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Dr. B...

Because I am chickenshit, the following is the email I sent Dr. B.

Dr. B,

I've moved Curt from the Children's Center to Town. I had not been happy with the head teacher for some time and the move made sense. We live in Town, and he will be going to school in Town and will be going with children he will actually be going to school with. The classes are much smaller - only 9 in his room versus 40. He is very happy there, gets individual attention - they even went to the library yesterday, which he loved. He will be going back to speech again this week as school is open.

You have given us great tools on how to work with Curt. He has made lots of improvement in speech and other areas. I would like to continue to see you once a month to monitor his progress and continue therapy. I realize you have a business and this may not be an option. However, with him being in Town, we will not be able to continue to see you every week.

Either way, you have been very helpful to Curt and I appreciate it.

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Jann said...

He seems a bit inflexible! Of course he should let you see him once a month. Were you going every week??

It sounds like it might be time for a new chapter if a doctor has such rigid rules.

Good luck to Curt in his new school!