Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day of Doom - Part III

Report card day was last week. Never a good day at Casa de Semi. (At least not yet, maybe someday?) The good news: C1 failed nothing. The bad news: It was close.

He is in tutoring 2-3 days a week at the school. I practially DID his big history project for him. (We got 100!) He still made a C, his best grade other than physical education.

It is so frustrating. It's also scary. I want him to go to college if he chooses to do so. I want him to have options. So, that was bad enough... that is, until parent/teacher conference. Cowboy has each of them, bless his pea-pickin' heart.

It started out well enough. The first teacher actually bragged on him a little. After that, downhill fast. The boy actually had a '0' on a OPEN-BOOK TEST! He didn't do it. Said he thought he could take it home (Yeah, right). I had to give Cowboy a nerve pill. All the worry he had that C1 was behind had been replaced with anger, possibly rage, at the fact C1 was actually being a lazy ass who did not give a shit.

He will now not be giving a shit in silence. No phone, no Wii, no going to friends' houses and no guests for him (ok, this one I am a little giddy about.) C1 says he now has a plan and will be improving his grades. I hope so. If not, he won't be planning much this summer and will be repeating 7th grade next year.

It's going to be a long, hard winter.


Coyote Bebop said...

Taking away stuff is the BEST punishment.

Boredom is a HUGE accellerent.

I knew one mom who's kid came out bawling after 1 hour without his games.

Suzanne said...

Oh,wow, bummer. Good luck.

Ange said...

I thought I wrote something before. I keep doing that...

And I see you haven't updated.
How's it going now?