Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Text

Dr. Brown agreed to see Curt once a month. I was floored. He is very intimidating. And I am not easily intimidated.

I could write about many things. I could write about what I did New Year's Eve that was awful. Not that she didn't haven't it coming. However, I hate to be one who looks like an ass. She wins again.

Kicking myself.

No matter, still hate her. Don't talk about my child whist pretending to be my friend. Found it out two weeks after our "talk" and I thought I could forget about it. I was wrong.

I was so very, very wrong.

You live, you learn.

Next time, tell her what you think at that time. Don't think you can forgive an ignorant bitch and, for God's sake, don't text her mates on New Year's Eve telling them how much you hate her. Not a good idea.

ETA: I don't think the advice to let it go was wrong! I only wish I had enough self-control to follow it. Instead of the anger gently blowing away like a breeze, it built inside me like bile. I have to see her at lunch today -- the first time since my verbal vomit. Ought to be fun!


Jann said...

Ohh, Jeanne, so sorry you are going through this.

I was one of the folks who said to let it go, but under these circumstances, looks like she needs to be taken down!! What "friend" pulls this sort of crap? From the sounds of her comments, she's just a malicious gossip. Do you have to spend time with her?? It does sound like she's in a group of pals of yours.

This is a tough road we're on. As I said, I imagine there are friends of mine who wonder about the path we've pursued with our LTer. Most of them seem to either agree, or they keep it to themselves. I think many of them by now see enough great progress that they just hope we're right!

Try to get this woman out of your life it at all possible. She's an anchor weighing you down.

Good luck! Sending good thoughts your way!!!

Ange said...

Also sorry you're going through this. Maybe it's all settled now, though, since lunch time is over.

Send me an email some time.

Coyote Bebop said...

Take one hour, someday, and research the living HELL out of things that the Camarata's and other late talker docs say about late talkers. Take notes, and quotes, and write them all over the place, until they spew from your mouth with ease.

When this cow mouths off, pummel her with quotes from ten different docs, and then ask her if she REALLY thinks that she is smarter than these well studied doctors.

Say, "Where YOU a late talker?"
She'll, of course, say "NO!"
Say, "Well Einstein WAS, and if it's a choice between a late talking little Einstein, or an early talking self rightious cow...I'll take the Einstein."


MamaBear said...

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with a "know-it-all".

How was lunch?

I am going to agree with Jann. Get her out of your life as soon as possible. She is weighing you down.

I like Coyote's take on this too.