Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day of Doom - Part III

Report card day was last week. Never a good day at Casa de Semi. (At least not yet, maybe someday?) The good news: C1 failed nothing. The bad news: It was close.

He is in tutoring 2-3 days a week at the school. I practially DID his big history project for him. (We got 100!) He still made a C, his best grade other than physical education.

It is so frustrating. It's also scary. I want him to go to college if he chooses to do so. I want him to have options. So, that was bad enough... that is, until parent/teacher conference. Cowboy has each of them, bless his pea-pickin' heart.

It started out well enough. The first teacher actually bragged on him a little. After that, downhill fast. The boy actually had a '0' on a OPEN-BOOK TEST! He didn't do it. Said he thought he could take it home (Yeah, right). I had to give Cowboy a nerve pill. All the worry he had that C1 was behind had been replaced with anger, possibly rage, at the fact C1 was actually being a lazy ass who did not give a shit.

He will now not be giving a shit in silence. No phone, no Wii, no going to friends' houses and no guests for him (ok, this one I am a little giddy about.) C1 says he now has a plan and will be improving his grades. I hope so. If not, he won't be planning much this summer and will be repeating 7th grade next year.

It's going to be a long, hard winter.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Text

Dr. Brown agreed to see Curt once a month. I was floored. He is very intimidating. And I am not easily intimidated.

I could write about many things. I could write about what I did New Year's Eve that was awful. Not that she didn't haven't it coming. However, I hate to be one who looks like an ass. She wins again.

Kicking myself.

No matter, still hate her. Don't talk about my child whist pretending to be my friend. Found it out two weeks after our "talk" and I thought I could forget about it. I was wrong.

I was so very, very wrong.

You live, you learn.

Next time, tell her what you think at that time. Don't think you can forgive an ignorant bitch and, for God's sake, don't text her mates on New Year's Eve telling them how much you hate her. Not a good idea.

ETA: I don't think the advice to let it go was wrong! I only wish I had enough self-control to follow it. Instead of the anger gently blowing away like a breeze, it built inside me like bile. I have to see her at lunch today -- the first time since my verbal vomit. Ought to be fun!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Dr. B...

Because I am chickenshit, the following is the email I sent Dr. B.

Dr. B,

I've moved Curt from the Children's Center to Town. I had not been happy with the head teacher for some time and the move made sense. We live in Town, and he will be going to school in Town and will be going with children he will actually be going to school with. The classes are much smaller - only 9 in his room versus 40. He is very happy there, gets individual attention - they even went to the library yesterday, which he loved. He will be going back to speech again this week as school is open.

You have given us great tools on how to work with Curt. He has made lots of improvement in speech and other areas. I would like to continue to see you once a month to monitor his progress and continue therapy. I realize you have a business and this may not be an option. However, with him being in Town, we will not be able to continue to see you every week.

Either way, you have been very helpful to Curt and I appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"New School"

For the week prior, every time we would drive by the new school, I would tell Curt, "There's your new school!" On his first time there, we drove up and he said, "New School!"

The transition has gone surprisingly well so far. We went Monday-Wednesday last week and began full-time this week. The first day he was anxious when I left. He buried his head in my leg and whimpered. I got down on his level and said, "Curt, there's no need to be scared. We've been talking about this. This is your new school and you're going to have fun." The teacher asked him if he wanted x, "No." How about Y? "No." "Would you like to pick out a book to read?" His head perked up and off he went. No tears that day or since.

They are "pretty laid back" in the 4yo class (their words), but are working on ABCS -- today is B is for book day --bring your favorite book. His teacher makes it fun (on "I" day they will build an igloo...) AND ONLY NINE KIDS in his class! I get a little report every day. What they had for breakfast and lunch and all the activities, plus a little section named, "You'll be glad to know..."

I'm sure there will be bad days, but so far, I'm very optimistic. We are almost there on the poo-poo training, but he has had a couple of accidents at school -- he has those more out than at home.

When Cowboy picked him up his last day, Head teacher acted shocked that he wouldn't be back. I had turned in the paperwork, but no one had mentioned him leaving. The director of the old preschool called me last Monday (his first day at new one). She told me she had been out for a week, came back and was surprised to see Curt wouldn't be back.

D: "Do you mind me asking why?"

Semi: "D, I know Curt is a handful. I live with him. But, Head Teacher didn't say one positive thing about him in a year and a half."


D: "I'm sorry to hear that."

Semi: "I wasn't going to say anything, but you asked. The students were great!"

D: "Where are you sending him if you don't mind me asking?"

Semi: "In 'town name.' He will be going to school there and I think it be good for him to go to preschool with those kids. Plus, it's smaller and I think that will help him focus better."

D: "The size of Room four has been an issue for a long time."

She went on to ask if I was sure before she filled his position. I thanked her for calling. We were both very nice.

What a relief.

Yesterday, when I asked him if he wanted to take his teddy bear to school with him, he said, "New School?" and I nodded. He said, "Yes!"


I'm definitely making plans to go back to the Camaratas this summer. They haven't seen Curt since he was 2. I need an updated report for school (fall 2010) and just an updated evaluation, period. At two, they didn't even begin to try to estimate when he would "normalize"-- as they say.