Thursday, December 17, 2009


For the sake of my marriage and my sanity, I have deleted posts. Things ae good. I am almost ready for Christmas, but Jeez!

Please understand that I am a strong person, married to a strong person. Both first-borns. We are a stubborn pair.

We do love each other. I'm pretty sure of that.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

As Time Goes By

I have an interview. I don't know if I want it.

To me, this is more important...

Maybe I didn't sign up for it, but I'm there.

I went to clinic this morning...sinus infection. Yah, give me the shot and the antis. Woo hoo. Feel great for about 12 hours. (wearing off now. sleep soon).

Had a call from school at 12:30. Curt had 101.4. Took him to the clinic. Tested to H1N1 and strep. Negativity! Ear infection. I'll take it.

When will sarcarm come back? I sorely miss it. Interesting, sarcastic comments is who I am/are! I can do it on FB, why can't I do it here. I want to make this blog a story, but I cannot.

I guess I'm just too tired.

The link says it all. I hope I can be telling the same story in a few years. Who knows? Whether, Ange has saved my sanity, time and time again.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ange.

PS. for all my whining and desparation, do I not have the freakin' cutest kid? He looks like a little gentleman. (Glad I got that quick.). Gee, wonder where he got that cheesy grin? God knows, I love him more than anything in this life itself. As much as he gets on my nerves. Ok, we'll stop here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yes, a phone interview. This afternoon.

During an especially bad week, I applied for this job online. I got the call Friday. The job is in another state, close to Cowboy's family. To Curt's cousins.

What am I thinking? I haven't been on an interview for 15 years!

Nothing will probably come of it, but I need to do this. The fact I feel like I may vomit tells me how much I need to do this.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Message to Jodi

Yes, it's hard being in social situations, especially around those who do not know us. Those who know us know Curt and generally love him. His soccer coach seems to love him as well. Soccer has been a challenge. Yes, I know swimming or archery might be better for him, but we're in a very small town and we don't have very many options!

I don't even want to tell Ange this b/c she will get so mad... Last week at practice, this little boy came up to me and said, "Curt is playing soccer?" (He was probably 6?) and I said yes. He said, "He will have to practice ALOT to play soccer!" and I agreed, yes, he will. He then told this little girl, probably 7 or 8, "Curt is playing soccer!" like it was the most weird thing in the world. She said something that I could not hear (probably a good thing) and her mother said, "Don't be ugly."

I just want to hurt people sometimes. Actually cause them physical pain. Would that make a difference? No. But, it might make me feel better in the short haul.

I would like to talk more to you about parents' rights and what I can ask for in school. Very small school. Don't know what to expect, except the SLP who works with Curt there has a Down's child and she insisted on inclusion, so that is a great sign. I don't think they will even try to not to put him in regular classroom.


I have to be honest. Sometimes I feel like, "I did not sign up for this." Then, I look in Curt's beautiful eyes and think, I wouldn't have it any other way. This is my Curt and I love him, and he is perfect to me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Best Letter Ever

I received a written, from the USPS, letter from Ange's son, Jack, this week. He wrote it himself. To me. I almost feel like I got a letter from Oprah, except it was really personal...and in pencil.

I took a photo of the letter. I am proud of him. However, since my home computer is acting wonky, it wouldn't download (what are my husband and my stepson doing with this computer when I'm not here?). That being said, it read:

Dear Curt's Mother,

Everyone is going to be fine. I now know you. I love you and Curt. I also know your real name. It is Jeanna. That's a nice name.


Isn't that the best letter ever? I keep it in my car and touch it occasionally, like it's my good luck rabbit's foot.

Ange showed him my facebook page to identify me. Anyone reading this page who does not have a late-talking child may not understand. All goes on, day by day, then one day, you have a really bad day. The next week, you have a really good day. That was yesterday. He played with his cousins from Alabama, tackling and chasing just like any other little body. And, today, he counted to 30 in the tub.

Life is a series of highs and lows. I don't enjoy the lows, but I love the highs.

Thank you, Jack, for the high.

Curt's Mother

PS I also got a drawing from Pickles, which was excellent! Van Gogh, watch out. What a bonus.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Day

I am having one of the worst days I've had in a long time. First soccer practice was yesterday. I think (I know) he is making so much progress and then I see him around the other kids. He doesn't have really any interest to interact with him. He did love kicking the ball and into the goal, though. He is excited about the next practice.

It really wasn't that bad, but it just triggered the blues. I go along day-by-day and I am OK, but then, BOOM. Like someone slapped me. The crying jags, the pain in my heart.

I've lost 15 pounds in the last year without trying. I'm either quietly dying with zero pain or it's stress. I haven't felt any genuine happiness since he was two years old because I am always worried about him, about his future.

I am at work. Everyone is at lunch but me. I took a nerve pill, but it won't stop the tears.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

Don’t take a vacation with extended family.

I could stop there, and perhaps I should. (But I won’t) We went with Cowboy’s sister, her husband and their two kids. (These kids have a reputation for bad behavior.)

It actually was a nice vacation for the first four days. Everyone got along well. I even mentioned this to Cowboy the day before we left how I was surprised how smoothly things had gone. However, the last morning – only two hours before we were to leave – there was an unfortunate incident involving nephew and pizza rolls and the condo carpet. The condo I had paid for with my credit card, the credit card the Realty Company would charge for damages.

Cowboy went in the wake up the kids and spotted the aforementioned pizza rolls ground into the off-white carpet. He developed a sudden case of Tourette’s syndrome. When Sister told him not to talk that way around her children, that they did not do that, Cowboy responded, “I KNOW your children. Your children talk like that to me!”

To say the last hour or so were uncomfortable is an understatement.

However, I learned a few lessons. Or at least had them re-confirmed.

First, be consistent. Don’t tell your child to do something/not to do something 15 times with no repercussions. If you tell them they will be punished if they do something ONE MORE TIME, punish them.

Second, don’t give kids everything they beg for. If you’ve driven numerous hours to get to the beach, you need to enjoy the beach. They don’t have to go to the water park/adventure island/dolphin tours daily. Teach them the value of a dollar.

Last, and certainly not least. If your son is on medication for ADHD and truly, truly needs it, for God’s sake, give it to him. EVERY DAY.

Finally, Curt turned five two weeks ago. Happy Birthday, Bubble Boy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Summer by Curt (transcribed by Mommy)

I love summer! I get to go outside a lot.

I am having a busy summer. This is my week.

Mondays and Tuesdays are just regular days. I go to school. I like my school. There, I play outside and on the computer and we learn all kinds of stuff we will need for big-boy school. I also watch everyone else eat and take a nap. Me, not so much. I like to hug Miss Tiffany, Miss Alisha and Miss Ginger. Last week, I bit Miss Ashley. It has been a long time since I have bit, but Mommy was mad and told me she would bite me if I bit again.

Wednesday is Library Day! My school is down the street from the Library. We hold hands and walk down the sidewalk together. They are having a summer program and we do all kinds of fun things, like ride in a firetruck and sit in a police car. This week, the mad scientist came and I helped him "shock a lemon" as you can see from the picture below.

It's not a very good picture, because Miss Tiffany sent it to Mommy on her cell phone.

Thursdays, I go to Language Camp in Jackson. I get to watch and movies and eat crackers and drink juice on the drive, which is pretty long for me. I ask Mommy to stop several times so I can go pee-pee. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I am scared of the automatic toilets. They are too loud.

Language Camp is fun. Last week, we did camping things. This week was even more fun. I got to be a scientist and wear a lab coat. We made bubbles (I thought you only got those at the store) and also made a volcano out of regular stuff we have at the house. My favorite part was the volcano.

Friday is Water Day at my school! I love Water Day! We get to play outside all morning in little pools and sprinklers. I wake up very easy on Water Day and love to get dressed in my swimsuit and swim shoes. This morning, I wanted to leave quickly, so I helped Mommy make the bed. For some reason, it wasn't any faster.

Friday nights, I get Mommy all to myself. Daddy and Brother are gone to the Lake. You would think that I would be very tired from Water Day, but sometimes I still stay up until almost 10 o o. I am a big boy.

Saturdays, Mommy and I go to the Lake. This is my favorite thing. We ride the boat. Daddy goes very fast and the waves spray me. That is fun. Then, we stop and I get to swim. I can swim for a very long time. I also like to jump off the boat into the water. Sometimes, we go to a floating restaurant and I get to throw chips to the fish and turtles. They are very hungry.

When we come back to the camper, I lie on the bed, watch movies and eat. I also take a ride on the golf cart. On Saturday night, I am usually very tired and go to sleep early. I hope that doesn't make Mommy sad.

Sunday, sometimes we ride the boat again and sometimes, we just go home. I ask Mommy to stop several times on way home to pee-pee. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. When we get home, Mommy does laundry while I play on my computer.

Sunday afternoon Mommy and I go to the grocery store. Sometimes Daddy goes too, but Mommy doesn't like that because she says he buys too much junk. If I am good in the store, Mommy buys me a sucker.

Monday morning I ask Mommy if it is Water Day. She says no. I love Water Day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bullet Monday

  • This is fourth day of 100+ heat index. Too hot.

  • C1 is coming back today after 2.5 weeks in Alabama.

  • It's been a nice "vacation" from laundry and cooking (at least not as much of either).

  • I'm looking forward to seeing him.

  • I have a Webinar at lunch today. I need my lunch hour break from people.

  • But they do have pizza.

  • I am very tan. I used sunblock (as opposed to screen) this weekend as I want no more sun.

  • Curt is poo-ing in the potty. Not every time, but at least sometimes. He pees 100 percent. Never an accident. I don't get it.

  • He evens holds it at the Lake. You want proof?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One summer, at band camp...

Friday was Curt's last day of speech (summer) and we had his IEP. Since August, here are the updates (in years):

2.1 - 3.9
Increase of 1.8

1.10 - 2.4
Increase of 6.0

1.10 - 3.0
Increase of 1.2 years

I was thrilled with his receptive progress, but a little disappointed with expressive. It seems that he has come much further than that to me.

In other news, Curt will be attending "Language Camp" this summer. It is described as: "This camp is for children grades K-3 and conducted by two SLPs. Is is designed to offer language, comprehension, articulation, and cognitive stimulation during the summer months."It is once a week (two hours) for four weeks. Good news? It's only $100, which sounds like a bargain when you compare it to private speech therapy! Also, it sounds fun with circus themes, etc. Bad news? It's in a city an hour away. Oh well. Secret news? He's not really starting Kindergarten in the fall, but I didn't tell them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

80s Faves

Ahh, the 80s. That sweet decade of big hair, skinny-legged jeans and blue eyeshadow. I miss you, 80s, and my young skin.

What's to love, you ask?

Calvin Klein jeans: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." I loved CK jeans (when the name was spelled out) almost as much as my girl-crush on Brooke Shields. "Brooke" was a nickname in high school for three reasons: I only wore Calvin Klein jeans; I had long, dark hair; thick eyebrows.

Headbands and leg-warmers: "Let's Get Physical!" No matter that there was absolutely no reason for the headband. It had no purpose whatsoever. No matter legwarmers made even those with thin legs look chunky. We wore them -- and we wore them together.

Big Hair: I still fight the urge to make my hair large. I love big hair and I am waiting patiently for its return.

Candie's: No, you couldn't walk in them very well (well, if you were me, anyway) and yes, that high-heeled, backless "clicking" when you walked was irritating. But, they were cool! especially when you wore them with your....

Satin Jacket: Baby blue, soft pink. I loved my satin jacket almost as much as my rabbit-fur jacket (in all white; mine was the prettiest) and, later, my Michael Jackson-inspired red pleather jacket given to me by a boyfriend. And, speaking of...

Michael Jackson: "Off the Wall" Before his weirdness and when he had a real nose. And, he was rumored to date Brooke Shields.

Talking on the Phone: Not emailing, not texting. Talking. On a phone with a cord. To your girlfriends for a very long time. Or, in the evening, in your dark room to the boy du jour.

Rick Springfield: Before he was cutting CD's for kids, he had us all wishing we were "Jessie's girl."

Lauren perfume: The original Ralph Lauren, the best Ralph Lauren. You wore this special perfume with your....

Polo shirts: Preferably two of them (or three!). It was the coolest when your little polo man on your outside shirt matched the color on your inside shirt.

School: Before "No Kid Left Behind," this could actually be a fun place. Hanging out before the first bell, watching to downtown to lunch (which included a bags of chips, a Diet Coke and a smoke.)

There may be a second edition of "I Heart the 80s" as I am sure I've omitted many wonderful things about this decade. In the meantime, please feel free to add your personal favorite.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Same life, new camper

I seem to be out of words these days.

Life is not bad. Life is not good.

Currently, life is in a hotel room in Knoxville, where I am currently sipping my vodka and Diet Coke (the machine was out of Sprite, dammit) and listening to "Seinfeld" in the background.

Sounds lonely? It's not.

I am enjoying my time alone. I did not ask for the trip, nor really want it, but it is good.

The fact is, I do not have time alone. I am either at work, with people surrounding me and constantly asking questions, or I am at home with Curt constantly vying for my attention, while I am trying to do job number two: laundry, dishes, keeping the fam on schedule.

What's up? Well...

C1 had an excellent report card (at least compared to the beginning of the year). Nothing below a "C." This is a first for him with us. Praise was given and I almost cried. I certainly hope he can keep this up.

Curt continues to be an angel/devil. He is learning every day and recited his birthday and name this week at school as requested. He continues to crap in his pants and I continue to put big boy pants on him and try to encourage him/time out him to pa-lease use the freaking potty! Come on, son, how hard can it be?

We had a big event at work this month which is now over. Thank God. It was stressful to say the least. I will be taking some time off, I swear.

Cowboy is stressed as per usual. However, things are happening that may prove to improve our financial situation 200 percent.

We sold our camper and bought a new one. We wanted to buy a cabin and found one we loved, but were not willing to spend the $$ they wanted. This one is bigger and allow for the addition of a 14-year-old who will be an addition this year and the next ones, we hope. (With three bunk beds -- built into the wall!)
We bought the porch on the camper which was in the "spot" which is huge and has a ceiling fan. The screen needs to be replaced, but it will be much more comfortable. Camp Redneck, here we come. (And we are no longer neighbors with the woman with whom I do not speak. The one who commented on Curt and broke my heart. Best reason ever.) Will post photo of the porch when I actually take one.

I am here. I am peaceful. I am fine.

Oh, and I love Adam Lambert. A girl's gotta have some entertainment, right?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sea Star

Curt loves the water and all things associated with the water.

Lately, he has pointing at a starfish and calling it a sea star. I correct him. It's an easy mistake to make, right? I mean, it looks like a star. It's in the sea.

Yesterday, he was watching one of his new movies and a starfish appeared on the screen. The narrator said, "This animal is referred to as a starfish. Does it look like a fish? Actually, this is a sea star."

Mommy stands corrected.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Knocking Me Out with Those American Thighs

Semi. Almost 3. 1968. I did mention I was a chubby kid, right?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break (alas, not for me...)

  • C1 is on Spring Break this week. He is spending it in Alabama. I think we all needed a break. A pattern has emerged; 2-3 days before he visits his mom, he acquires an Attitude with a capital 'A.' Like he is stressed out but, yet, he acts like he wants to go. What's up with that?
  • Report cards will come out next week. Will C1 pass everything for the first time all year? Tune in then to find out.

  • Curt tried THREE foods this weekend: celery, apple and grape. He ate ONE WHOLE grape. I tried to act nonchalant (reverse psychology). I let him eat it in the cart before payment. Sue me.

  • Cowboy has had lots of work in the last two weeks with no breakdowns. Cross your finger, knock on wood, something.

  • It is Monday. I am tired. Oh, and my back hurts.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Weekend in (Bad) Pictures

C1's Anatomy of a Cell project?

Completed! With little or no attitude! He took an active "helper" role (Cowboy took Curt for an extended ride) and even commented when we were finished, "That wasn't bad at all!"

My mother bought Curt the series, "Your Baby Can Read." We received it in the mail Saturday. I put one of the DVD's in for Curt.

And, he read the words. Without any photos. Immediately. As I suspected, he IS reading.

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.

PS If anyone has any hints about cell phone photos, i.e., how to make them less sucky? I mean, I realize they are cell phone photos, but these really suck!

ETA: When I picked Curt up from preschool, I told his teacher about the weekend reading experience. Seems it's not isolated! She was working with Curt on sight cards to identify letters. The sight card read, "h house"(no picture). She quizzed him about the "h," but he responded, "house!" I told her, "Yes, because he doesn't talk very much, I am sometimes surprised at how much he knows!" That's Semi for "Don't underestimate my child."

Friday, March 13, 2009

Half Full?

This is a crappy way to come back after almost a month absence. I realize this.

Cowboy and I have been a little busy begging, threatening, and punishing an almost-14-year-old to do his homework, lessons, projects. One of which will consume my mind until it's done this weekend, although he won't give it a second thought. And I will end up doing most, if not all, of the work. I can't let him fail when I can help him; it's my mother coming out in me.

I've also been busy doing extra loads of laundry since Curt is still crapping in his pants. He is doing pretty well on the weekends, but shitty (haha) during the week.

I'm tired of cooking. I'm tired of laundry. I'm thankful to have my job.

Jess says much of what I want to say, if I could write this well.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back Talk

When Curt had his ear infection, the antibiotics really hurt his stomach. He had diarrhea and his 100% potty record kind of went out the window. We're working to get him back on track.

His morning, I was getting ready for work in the bathroom. He got out of bed and came in for his morning tinkle. As he was walking back to the bedroom, I said, "Curt, you tell Mommy if you have to poo-poo." He stopped, turned around, looked at me and said, "Mommy, I go night-night," and went back into the bedroom.

The little boy who I worried may never say 'Mommy' can now spell it aloud. 'Daddy', too.


ETA: He is now spelling Colter, Nana and Pop aloud with very little assistance. I thought if I wrote the words down on paper first, it would be easier (duh!).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School Update

Finally, a post that is not a duplicate of a Facebook note! I am, alas, still addicted. However, meeting new moms of late-talking sons has been a joy! Thanks, Ange!

It’s time for an update on the new school, which isn’t that new anymore. Curt has been there 1.5 months now. Time flies…at least for those of us in this area who have had electricity. Many people were out for almost two weeks.

Ok, back on track. How’s the new school? Dare I say it? IT’S GREAT! I have to say, I really don’t have any complaints. I know, shocking. I’m sure I will eventually have some, but, wow.

What do I/Curt like about this school?

1. They send a short report home every day stating what they had for breakfast, lunch. Curt probably doesn’t eat it, but at least I know what they are offering him.

2. The report also includes what activities they did, what movie they watched, etc., and has a section at the bottom entitled, “You’ll be glad to know.” For instance, “You’ll be glad to know Curt did a great job sharing his ‘all about me’ bag, but was very glad to get his necklace back! ” (Yes, a smiley face on her note!) Curt likes necklaces. The more bling, the better.

3. His teacher sends home a monthly calendar with daily activities and special days noted. Last month, they worked with the alphabet. They walk to the Library on Wednesdays, weather permitting.

4. They have a daily routine, but seem laid-back about it. And, I haven’t heard the dreaded words, “Circle Time” yet.

5. We’ve only had one incident of Curt hitting another child. You may remember at the old school, this was a much more regular occurance.

6. Curt may or may not sleep at naptime. However, if he is quiet, they will allow him to lie quietly and “read” at book.

I think all moms would appreciate these notes, telling them what their child is doing during the day. You can then reinforce what they are learning at home. However, if you have a who child doesn’t come home and tell you about their day, you can’t imagine how this makes you feel more a part of it.


No school for C1 on Friday, so we are going to Alabama so he can see his new half-brothers. Mom, 39 and unmarried, gave birth to bi-racial twins two weeks ago. I can’t even imagine.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Things that Make Me Feel Old

1. Putting Curt to sleep at 9 p.m. -- and falling asleep with him.

2. Trying to explain to our student worker what those pieces of tissue are in our files. "They would sit at the typewriter -- no computer -- and type the letter. They would tear this off for the file. Yes, it's the original carbon copy!"

3. Thinking kids can't spell and have a harder time in school because they have too much stuff! If you have three television channels, you learn to love to read!

4. My friends are becoming grandmothers when I have a four-year-old (actually, that one just makes me tired).

5. Winters now are unbearably cold. Is it because I am older, thinner, or both?

6. When we have warm days (yeah!), my first thought is, "Great! Lower electric bill!"

7. Zits and haircolor -- at the same time. Nuff said.

8. Comfortable shoes outweigh pointy-toed trends every time.

9. Not only is the television always too loud, but I only run the dishwasher at night!

10. Actually reading my social security benefits statement when it arrives in the mail.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The List

Sorry it's been so long. The weather and economy are getting me down. So many of my friends and family still don't have power.

Anyway, instead of discussing poop and failing grades, I thought it would be fun to do something different today!

1. My favorite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird." I've read it at least 20 times.

2. I was offered a Presdential scholarship to the university in my home state. I didn't go.

3. I cannot eat things that do not traditionally belong together -- such as pineapple on a pizza. It usually involves sweet things. I prefer salty things.

5. I was in a sorority in college.

6. I began talking at nine months old, but did not walk until I was a year old. My first word was 'dog.'

7. I was one of the very youngest in my class. I did well academically, but was immature socially. I cried a lot.

8. I have had many friends over the years, but keep in contact with very few of them. Well, that is, until Facebook.

9. I am frugal, bordering on cheap in many ways. I am aghast at the cost of food, but buying wine does not bother me.

10. I was head majorette and cheerleader captain in high school. I went to a very small high school.

11. My job is very important to me and reflects my self-worth.

12. I think I could eat pizza every day.

13. Several of my best friends consider me to be the most honest person they know (in a good way).

14. I am left-handed and couldn't use regular (i.e., right-handed) scissors until high school. My mom had to get me the special "left-handed" ones.

15. I am terrible at driving in reverse. I think it is because I am left-handed.

16. I went to Europe in the late 1980s. It's the only time I've been.

17. My favorite place is the beach. I also love seafood.

18. I didn't think I could have children and quit trying. Curt was born two years later, a complete surprise.

19. I have been at my job 17 years. I've never done anything that long.

20. I was deathly afraid of the dark when I was young, probably because my dad would jump out of dark halls to scare me.

21. Hence, I still jump (and sometimes scream) when people come into a room unannounced.

22. I wanted to be an actress or a writer when I was a little girl.

23. I am a Christian, but not very religious and certainly not church-y. I believe in the separation of church and state.

24. My parents started dating when they were 14.

25. I've only had one cavity, but I did have braces.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day of Doom - Part III

Report card day was last week. Never a good day at Casa de Semi. (At least not yet, maybe someday?) The good news: C1 failed nothing. The bad news: It was close.

He is in tutoring 2-3 days a week at the school. I practially DID his big history project for him. (We got 100!) He still made a C, his best grade other than physical education.

It is so frustrating. It's also scary. I want him to go to college if he chooses to do so. I want him to have options. So, that was bad enough... that is, until parent/teacher conference. Cowboy has each of them, bless his pea-pickin' heart.

It started out well enough. The first teacher actually bragged on him a little. After that, downhill fast. The boy actually had a '0' on a OPEN-BOOK TEST! He didn't do it. Said he thought he could take it home (Yeah, right). I had to give Cowboy a nerve pill. All the worry he had that C1 was behind had been replaced with anger, possibly rage, at the fact C1 was actually being a lazy ass who did not give a shit.

He will now not be giving a shit in silence. No phone, no Wii, no going to friends' houses and no guests for him (ok, this one I am a little giddy about.) C1 says he now has a plan and will be improving his grades. I hope so. If not, he won't be planning much this summer and will be repeating 7th grade next year.

It's going to be a long, hard winter.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Text

Dr. Brown agreed to see Curt once a month. I was floored. He is very intimidating. And I am not easily intimidated.

I could write about many things. I could write about what I did New Year's Eve that was awful. Not that she didn't haven't it coming. However, I hate to be one who looks like an ass. She wins again.

Kicking myself.

No matter, still hate her. Don't talk about my child whist pretending to be my friend. Found it out two weeks after our "talk" and I thought I could forget about it. I was wrong.

I was so very, very wrong.

You live, you learn.

Next time, tell her what you think at that time. Don't think you can forgive an ignorant bitch and, for God's sake, don't text her mates on New Year's Eve telling them how much you hate her. Not a good idea.

ETA: I don't think the advice to let it go was wrong! I only wish I had enough self-control to follow it. Instead of the anger gently blowing away like a breeze, it built inside me like bile. I have to see her at lunch today -- the first time since my verbal vomit. Ought to be fun!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Dr. B...

Because I am chickenshit, the following is the email I sent Dr. B.

Dr. B,

I've moved Curt from the Children's Center to Town. I had not been happy with the head teacher for some time and the move made sense. We live in Town, and he will be going to school in Town and will be going with children he will actually be going to school with. The classes are much smaller - only 9 in his room versus 40. He is very happy there, gets individual attention - they even went to the library yesterday, which he loved. He will be going back to speech again this week as school is open.

You have given us great tools on how to work with Curt. He has made lots of improvement in speech and other areas. I would like to continue to see you once a month to monitor his progress and continue therapy. I realize you have a business and this may not be an option. However, with him being in Town, we will not be able to continue to see you every week.

Either way, you have been very helpful to Curt and I appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"New School"

For the week prior, every time we would drive by the new school, I would tell Curt, "There's your new school!" On his first time there, we drove up and he said, "New School!"

The transition has gone surprisingly well so far. We went Monday-Wednesday last week and began full-time this week. The first day he was anxious when I left. He buried his head in my leg and whimpered. I got down on his level and said, "Curt, there's no need to be scared. We've been talking about this. This is your new school and you're going to have fun." The teacher asked him if he wanted x, "No." How about Y? "No." "Would you like to pick out a book to read?" His head perked up and off he went. No tears that day or since.

They are "pretty laid back" in the 4yo class (their words), but are working on ABCS -- today is B is for book day --bring your favorite book. His teacher makes it fun (on "I" day they will build an igloo...) AND ONLY NINE KIDS in his class! I get a little report every day. What they had for breakfast and lunch and all the activities, plus a little section named, "You'll be glad to know..."

I'm sure there will be bad days, but so far, I'm very optimistic. We are almost there on the poo-poo training, but he has had a couple of accidents at school -- he has those more out than at home.

When Cowboy picked him up his last day, Head teacher acted shocked that he wouldn't be back. I had turned in the paperwork, but no one had mentioned him leaving. The director of the old preschool called me last Monday (his first day at new one). She told me she had been out for a week, came back and was surprised to see Curt wouldn't be back.

D: "Do you mind me asking why?"

Semi: "D, I know Curt is a handful. I live with him. But, Head Teacher didn't say one positive thing about him in a year and a half."


D: "I'm sorry to hear that."

Semi: "I wasn't going to say anything, but you asked. The students were great!"

D: "Where are you sending him if you don't mind me asking?"

Semi: "In 'town name.' He will be going to school there and I think it be good for him to go to preschool with those kids. Plus, it's smaller and I think that will help him focus better."

D: "The size of Room four has been an issue for a long time."

She went on to ask if I was sure before she filled his position. I thanked her for calling. We were both very nice.

What a relief.

Yesterday, when I asked him if he wanted to take his teddy bear to school with him, he said, "New School?" and I nodded. He said, "Yes!"


I'm definitely making plans to go back to the Camaratas this summer. They haven't seen Curt since he was 2. I need an updated report for school (fall 2010) and just an updated evaluation, period. At two, they didn't even begin to try to estimate when he would "normalize"-- as they say.