Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It appears Curt will begin his new preschool Dec. 29. I am calling the owner this afternoon to confirm.

I talked to her again yesterday. I'm sure I sounded like an old, overprotective mom (ok, ok, I am), but I wanted her to know the good, the bad, the ugly.

What I told her:
  • Speech delay makes him frustrated at times
  • Very impatient
  • A very picky eater
  • May sleep at sleep time, may not
  • Went through a pretty bad biting stage which has improved
  • Just now potty-training for poo
  • Transition will not be easy, most likely horrible for 2-3 weeks

She was non-plussed. Ginger (and if I could tell you the name of this place, you would think the fact that her name is Ginger is a little comical) responded as though most kids have one or more of these traits (and it seems they do). She told me, "We're pretty laid-back." I think that will be a nice change from the military schedule of his current school.

I'm a little sad. That sounds weird, even to me. I will miss the student teachers.

I'm more excited about new beginnings. I feel I am making the right decision. God, I hope so.

. . . . . . . . . .

Milestone #2

Curt has not had an accident since Saturday. He is telling me when he has to poo. Thank God he poos like me (quick and to the point) and not like Daddy and C1 (takes 30 minutes and reading material)

We are making light-speed progress! And it only took 4+ years.


Ange said...

I'm happy for you on both counts.

I always worry over change. Especially when there was someone really great who had to get left behind.
But this new school sounds a lot better for Curt.
And it's true about all kids having issues. The earlier teachers I dealt with were just lousy at reassuring me of that fact.
I'm absolutely certain every parent of a boy has a story they don't share with anyone else but other parents of boys.

All the kids will come back to school after Christmas break, and need time to get back into it. Curt will figure things out faster if he's not under pressure to get it right on the very first day.

Now you can relax and have a great holiday, right? :)
I'm so relieved you had another option.

Jeanna said...


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your words of wisdom. You have been there.

I called Ginger this evening. She said, "We're so excited to have Curt!" Perhaps going somewhere that doesn't have a two-year waiting list has another bonus: They might appreciate you more and actually treat you as a customer. We'll see!

mary eva said...

Sounds like a smart, sound move.

With Crackbook, I have gotten in touch with an old friend. This guy drove his teachers NUTS - he was so exasperating - wouldn't follow directions, whined, was such a goofus, a bad student - and this lasted through high school. (He did have redeeming features, like a lot of passionate interests, which is why I was his friend.) He ended up in remedial math as late as 12th grade. He graduates from high school, where his guidance counselor urges him to find a job at a local textile mill.

He goes to the local community college and drops out. Then, FIVE YEARS "late" he re-enrolls in community college and does so well that he gets a scholarship to a state university. He then goes on to get a Ph.D. from PENN STATE in neurobiology. He is married to a cardiologist. He's just published a college textbook.

I share this because I am genuinely pleased to find this guy onm Facebook and his academic trajectory has a lesson in it ... somewhere!

(Oh but don't reference this on Facebook because he'll see it.)

Jeanna said...

In "The Einstein Syndrome," there are numerous stories like your friend's. Thanks for sharing!

Schools really aren't friendly to those "who march to their own drummer." This has been the reason for Dr. B -- to help US to help Curt with compliance issues.

May I also say I am relieved to have a reason to now say "so long" to Dr. B? We began seeing him for compliance to help with speech therapy. I was told, "It wouldn't be for very long." Fast forward to 1.5 years later!

If he would agree to see Curt once a month as a follow-up, I'd be thrilled. However, business is business (i.e., $$) so I don't see that happening.

Thanks for your support and reassuring words.

Suzanne said...

I think (and I've probably said this to you before) that I think the age of four is a big turning point in a kid's life and I've also read that it is a milestone age in terms of total weaning, etc. I think you'll see alot of things getting alot easier. As a parent, I think this is when the fun starts. (not that it wasn't fun before, but, you know...)

MamaBear said...

The age of 4 IS a big turning point. I can attest to that TWICE!

I don't think Curt will ever have a poo accident if he is anything like my kids. Once they poo'd once in the potty there was no going back and they never had an accident. I never pushed Kyle into doing it and while it was late coming (one week before he turned 4) that was all it took. Ryan trained earlier but with no pushing from me at all.

As for the school, I think it sounds wonderful. It sounds alot like Ryan's preschool. The teachers make the difference, not the school so try and keep that in mind.

I am excited to hear about Curt's(and yours too) new journey. I have a feeling it is going to be a great move.

I hope to update my blog soon.

Love ya!!

Jeanna said...

Curt is much like me and a little bit the perfectionist.

However, no accidents ain't happening! He had one last night, but then made up for it by pushing with all his little might for a "small" success. That being said, I'm quite excited about going from nada to one accident in four days!

Thanks for everyone's comments about the wonderfulness of 4. I can see much improvement already, and not just in language. It's like he WANTS to make me happy and vice versa.