Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two years ago...

Two years ago on a warm October day, Cowboy and I took Curt to see the Camaratas. It was a good day and they were wonderful to him. We drove home that afternoon. As I was unpacking, "Oprah" was on television. As a working woman, I rarely watch Oprah. She had a young senator and his wife as her guests.

Although I had the TV on for "background," I had to sit down and watch. I loved his charisma and his thoughts. When Cowboy came into the room, I told him, "I just saw this senator on Oprah who is going to be our president one day."

And, now he is.

(Or soon will be.)


Coyote Bebop said...

I was strangely disappointed.
Then, my friend went into the "Game over man!" scene from "Aliens". After a few minutes of his ranting, I screamed, "SHUT THE HELL UP!! He's not Hirohito, you crazy fuck! He's just...ya know...'eh'. He's not going to get into the White House and laugh some crazy laugh and twist his mustach, and say, 'I have you NOW, Penelope Pitstop!'. He's gonna be the President. Like every other President has been. Ya gotta admit; he's got the good talky talk, and he gives people hope. And he done knocked down a pretty big fuckin' wall."

"You've gone Liberal."

"I've gone obvious, Numbskull"

Fortunately, I was no longer disappointed....
...chapfallen & thwarted, but not disappointed.


Jeanna said...

And you now have a better attitude (tongue in cheek).

Seriously, it ain't all bad, Coyote.