Saturday, November 22, 2008

in which we may be making lemonade...

Wednesday afternoon was another bad afternoon. When I entered the preschool to pick up Curt, he was lying in the floor. He wasn't screaming or crying, just lying there quietly whining. The head teacher (with her back to me) told him harshly, "You didn't sleep -- that's why you feel that way!"

When he does nap, (which has been almost every day the 1.5 years), he is up until 10 p.m. at the earliest. There have been times he has been awake at midnight,. I'm sorry to screw up your day, but most times - you really screw up my night. Screw you. Sorry, but I now hate this bitch. She is mean to any child who requires any work. Screw you again. I am the customer. I pay you almost $100 a week -- not to be mean to my child. I hate you.

She then proceeded to then be short with me, telling me how he hasn't been sleeping this week and "this is what is was today." Perhaps she should consider retiring.

Instead of feeling really sorry for myself, for Curt, and crying all the way home (as per usual) -- I had an epiphany: Now may be the time for a change.

There is a preschool three blocks from my house. I had inquired before Curt started with the PRIMO preschool and the owner slightly irritated me. She said, when I was interviewing her as the children lay alseep, "Yes, that's the only time they're good."

I called. They have a new owner. Ginger. The 4yo class has 9 children; the pre-k has 13. Curt's current class is 40.

I told the new owner, "Curt is speech delayed. Do you have any SD children in your program or do you have any experience with speech delayed children?"

She answered, "Yes, my son."

They may have an opening in January; we are visiting on Tuesday.

We'll see, but it seems to be meant to be...


Suzanne said...

Good luck! I think Curt is too old to be expected to nap every day like an infant. Movin' on.

Jeanna said...

The state usually requiress nap time. Most older children weren't buying. At least where we were. We'll see.

I AM the customer. I must start thinking like that. This head teacher has never said one thing positive about Curt in 1.5 years. I 'm sick of it.

PS the students (asst teachers) are wonderful and love him. I hate it for that loss.

Suzanne said...

I understand and agree with the need for some "quiet time" during the day for sanity's sake and those kids that do need sleep. But kids that DON'T require the nap shouldn't be penalized for not feeling the need to be unconscious. Curt (or any kid) should be allowed to do "quiet" activities during that hour.

(Can you tell I was a kid who didn't require a nap?)

Shutting up now...

MamaBear said...

I want to come over there and kick that teachers ASS - RIGHT NOW!!! How dare her treat any child in that manner.

I also agree with Suzanne. You can't expect or force any child to nap during the day. Ryan's class does have rest time but they do NOT HAVE TO SLEEP.

You are the customer and I would hate for my son to be anywhere near that bitch of a woman. Can you imagine how Curt feels?

Ok, off my soapbox for now. I am excited for you to check out the new school. Sounds like it may be meant to be.

BTW - My boys still stay up late with no naps so I know where you are coming from there. I am lucky to get them in bed by 10.

msmec said...

I'm not sure 4-year-olds can be expected to have the wisdom to know that:
nap = perkier later afternoon

Some kids just don't need it. How could you nap with all these friends and toys at your disposal?

Also, 40 kids seems like a darn big class - even with a lot of aides, it sounds chaotic and over-stimulating.

No wonder the teacher sounds cranky.

Good luck.

Coyote Bebop said...

If more people walked out, more change would happen.

Good for you, Jeanna.

I'm with MamaBear, I wouldn't have been able to hold my tongue.


Brenda said...

That BITCH...!