Saturday, October 4, 2008

That's right, I have a Blog

Tidbits of note:

C1 was injured in his game Thursday night. Concussion. We were afraid his collarbone was broken, so he and Cowboy were in the ER until 1:00 am getting that checked. Fortunately, it was only bruised. However, through xrays, they determined C1 has an air bubble near his lung that could collapse it. Or, maybe not. Ok, I feel better.

Did I mention I hate football? I would bring it up, but it would do no good.

Today was my university's Homecoming. Fun for all. Curt had a blast between jumping houses, the petting zoo, face painting and balloons. He also had no accidents. Yeah! He fell asleep before 8:00 pm. Naps, I've decided ARE of the devil.

Cowboy and I have come to a better place. I don't know really why. (It certainly isn't due to the fact that we have more time or opportunities for sex.)

I am adjusting to a teenager. Lazy, moody, blah, blah, blah.

Work is kicking my butt. This task force is taking alot of time. I wish I could say it was all productive, but I cannot. Hopefully, it slow down soon.

I hope you are well. Don't give up on me. I feel creativity will surely flow through my veins at sometime in the near future.