Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Voted!

I may be old, but I vote young.

A brand-new NBC/WSJ/MySpace poll illustrates not only McCain’s challenge come Election Day, but also the challenge the Republican Party could face in future elections. In the poll, Obama enjoys a more than 2-to-1 advantage over McCain among first-time (read: 18-21 year olds) and lapsed voters, 69%-27%. These voters have a much more positive view of Obama (64%-27% fav/unfav rating) than average voters do
(56%-33% fav/unfav in last week’s NBC/WSJ survey). What’s more, they have a much more negative view of McCain (29%-59%) and Palin (23%-54%) than average voters do.

A very ominous sign for the Republican Party is how Democratic-leaning these new and lapsed voters are. Not only do they back Obama by a 69%-27 margin, they also prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress by a 2-to-1 margin, 66%-31%. And their views of President Bush? His fav/unfav among these voters is 14%-73%. Ouch. While Karl Rove had ambitious hopes of turning Bush's presidency into a permanent majority for the GOP, this poll suggests that Bush's lasting legacy could actually be turning off a new generation of voters. After all, consider what young voters who came of voting age during the past seven years might associate the GOP with -- the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, the current economy, various political scandals (Jack Abramoff, Ted Stevens, etc.), and Bush.


Coyote Bebop said...


Most girls, that age, have had more than 30 sexual partners, and have contracted at least one sexual disease.

Most boys, that age, can't add simple numbers, or form simple sentences.

1 in every 6, boys and girls, that age, will be in a drunken car crash this year.

Not really a "thinking" crowd there.

msmec said...

We can't vote early here.

(Unless it's by absentee.)

So I will stand in line Tuesday with all my Republican neighbors, relatives and friends!

Virginia is a swing state for the first time in more than 40 years. I keep telling my kids, "It didn't use to be like this. No candidate ever came to Virginia and North Carolina. Ever!"

But in the last two weeks, we have driven 40 minutes to see Biden and 1.75 hours to see Obama.

McCain and Palin were in similar geographic proximity.

Suzanne said...

We'll see what actually happens election day. I'm pretty much convinced the GOP has stolen at least one if not two elections. Electronic voting is the worst thing that's happened to democracy.

Note to Coyote bebop: You sound a little repressed. Chastity does not equal intelligence any more than the opposite is true.

Coyote Bebop said...

I used to be a Disc Jockey.

There's no chance of being repressed...ever again.

Guy friends of mine look at my past, and say, wish I was that lucky.

I look at my promiscuous past, and wish that somebody had told me how stupid it was.

I don't mean to offend.

Youth are stupid.

It's provable.

My best friend left his wife and kids of 17 years, because he wanted his youth back. He said, "I never got the chance to date that much". He doesn't talk to me anymore, because I told him, "You will never be young again, but STUPID, yeah, you got that back in SPADES!"

I asked a college boy why was he voting for Obama, and he looked at the girl sitting next to him.

That answered my question.

Like I said before;

I want an actual President, not a rock star.

So far, today, it looks like I will get a rock star.