Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I may be AWL for a little while. I am now officially addicted to Facebook and it has become my ultimate obsession.

Who knew it was so easy to make friends? Especially old college friends. This is how I find out my fraternity big bro is actually gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

No wonder he never hit on me. 'Course, there could have been MANY reasons for that.


Suzanne said...

I'm boycotting facebook. I fancy it is the walmart of websites.

Jeanna said...

I realize you are an intellient woman. I, too, thought I'd never get sucked into that known as Facebook.

Think of joining Christa and me. You know you want to...even just a little?

Suzanne said...

I know I want to. YOU know I want to. And when I do? Of course, at that point, it will be a REALLY good idea.

*Ange* Life in the PS said...

I'd have hit on you in college.
And I'm not gay.

Facebook is cooler than I thought it would be, but got weird as soon as Tom got on. I feel like I have to be respectable now.

Coyote Bebop said...