Friday, September 19, 2008

Yo, Bruce!

We're in Knoxville for a meeting and a certain ball game. Expenses paid. Not a bad deal, eh? Ok, not drinks, but, hey, we're without kids (both of them) for the first time in two months! Wheee! And, I mean, Whee!

Anyway, I endured the four-hour event (which was actually fun) and then, we went out with LT and DT. They were also in town for the big game.

First, we went to Preservation Pub, which I highly recommend. The Pub had a band, "Big Bad Juke Box." Young guys who played 80s and 90s with a twist. Really, really good stuff.

Then, as we returned to the hotel, Cowboy alerted us to the fact that, indeed, Bruce Pearl was in the house. (FYI -- Pearl is UT's basketball coach.) Pearl tried to flee, but I begged, and he relented. Shown are LT and Cowboy with Bruce. Sorry, cell phone picture is not the best quality. Yet, cool!

Amazingly enough, this was second time TODAY Cowboy had seen Pearl (and spoken to him). I told him, if you see him tomorrow, please don't speak to him. He might have you arrested as a stalker.

P.S. Did I mention Cowboy bought me a new phone for my birthday? A nice phone with camera options? Expect many more poor photos in the future. Also, please wish Bizzy a happy birthday. Hers is coming up very soon! Happy Birthday, Bizzy, from one anal-retentive Virgo to another.


Suzanne said...

Thank you. I am a bit stressed about this whole "turning 35" thing.

And now I realize I forgot your big day here recently. Hope it was a good one.

Jeanna said...

Gee, if you're turning 35, I just turned 33. I feel better (smile).