Friday, September 26, 2008

Sights and Sounds

Sounds from a quiet house on Friday night...

After a week of rough-housing and stress, it's quite nice to hear almost nothing at this moment. (There is too much testosterone in this house. I am outnumbered.)

What I do hear is...

C1 getting up to go to the bathroom

Cowboy snoring

Refrigerator humming

Television at a soft hum as background noise (versus a loud, loud roar... that will be tomorrow. Game day, eh?) This sign was a gift to me. In sympathy.

Nothing from Curt (Thank God almighty, free at last!)

Wine glass clinking

Have a great weekend

Peace out.
ETA: (After glass two) I've actually had time to think tonight. Rare. This is hard. This is very hard. To be the mom-figure, but not the Mother. It's hard enough when you are the Mother. My boundries? Still figuring it out. I know I tickled his legs and feet for an hour tonight (at his request). How do I figure in this equation? It's tricky. It's exhausting. That's another post in itself. To come...

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Yah, the stepmom (stepmonster). Not an easy role. I always played it sort of as benevolent-friend-with-not-all-that-much-authority-here-kid-have-$20. But I generally was lucky enough not to be called upon too often for serious parenting issues like the ones (grades) you're facing.

I'm clearly a big help here.