Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

I'm a workin' Mama and a firm believer in the theory, "work smart, not hard." Therefore, this post is actually my reply to email from reader Jodi, also the mother of a late-talker (Hi, Jodi!). It's also an update of our journey.


Thanks for writing (and your kind words). I guess I don’t have to tell you that much about me since you read the blog! When I found Ange’s blog, I sat and read the whole thing, tears streaming down my face. She was the first person (mother) I “knew” who had gone through something similar to what I had. What a relief! Before I found a network, I felt so alone. The Natural Late Talker group has been wonderful for me, even if we’re discussing potty training, picky eating or being strong-willed (which Curt definitely is). I know I’ve seen your posts on that list several times.

Funny, I too am a journalism grad, although not using it in the traditional way. I’m the “wordsmith” of my office and write proposals, news releases and features on donors, though, so I still am able to write.

Curt is doing much better at preschool in many ways. He stayed with a babysitter (who kept only him) until he was 2; he was really never around any other kids. At the time, I didn’t think too much about that, but now, I feel that delayed his social skills as much as the language delay. He now participates in circle time, sings, paints, colors, and is now writing – which I am thrilled about! Dr. B. suggested an OT eval this summer, which made me sick. NO MORE EVALS! However, since writing his name, he has not mentioned it again. Hoorah!

We’ve had trouble with biting and pinching, which I hear is quite common with language delays. That has also improved greatly in the last month. Every morning when we go into school, I say, “Curt, what do we say at school?” and he says, “No bite.” “and?” “No pinch.” If he can say it, he can live it!

About school. We live in a rural area, so I really don’t have a lot of options but public school. Homeschool is not an option for me income-wise. (Also, to be honest, I think Curt and I would drive each other crazy!) He won’t begin until age 6 (with a July 22 birthday). His SLP is through the school he will be attending and she is great. I think she will be a big help and he can continue to see her when he begins. To be honest, I am scared to death of school. Dr. B’s goal for us is to be Kindergarten-ready. He does not have the best bedside manner, but he gets results.

We saw the Camaratas when Curt was 2.3; they did not give us a “catch-up” time at that age. We really need to see them again in the next year. I believe that will also help us if we need back-up for the schools.

To summarize: He’s come a long way and still has a long way to go.


*Ange* Life in the PS said...

That long way's not so long as you think.
Wish I could be blogging right now about all the great stuff happening this year with Jack.
Keep your thoughts on age 7.
Every time Jack gets off the bus this school year, he's sharing things he's never thought to talk about before.
The other day he told me he's marrying his girlfriend, and he was sitting with another kid on the bus, all smiles, so happy, said, "Thanks! See ya tomorrow..." to his bus driver.
I'm telling ya. I used to clutch my gut and knead on it to calm down the stress, and it was all unnecessary.
All you late talking moms are so much further ahead than I was with the information.
Have fun.
Celebrate the strengths.
You're gonna see that long road get shorter and shorter much faster than you think.

*I'd promise, but I'm avoiding political like gestures at this time.

Big hug to you guys. And thank you. I'm so grateful I've helped someone, because I know how thankful I was that others helped us.

Jeanna said...


Thanks. It's so hard to look ahead when you can't dust off the glass. But, I'm so proud of my boy I can't see straight, even if this "Potty Training Booty Camp" doesn't work.

You mentioned in the past that was an issue with Jack (and with you, I believe). Please explain...and tell me everyone does eventually "get it!"

You help me. Seriously. And so many others as well.

Come back soon. We miss you.

Jann said...

Potty training a LT is tough! For my son, I had to figure out the motivating factor. For him it was he didn't want to stop what he was doing because he was having fun.

So I put him in clothes, and when an accident happened, all the fun STOPPED! And I made sure cleanup took as long as possible. After a half-dozen times of that, he decided it would be just quicker to use the potty.

We had several false starts. He wasn't ready at 2.8, and daddy moved to our new home when he was 3, so that was no time to do it. We rejoined daddy at 3.3 and tried again, but too many new things going on. Finally, we tried at 3.5 and it was done in about two weeks.

I first had him just naked around the house, and he got that right away. But he kept wetting his clothes until I figured out to make the process of cleanup as laborious as possible.

Jann said...

Ange, thanks again for your comments. They are invaluable to us other LT moms.

My LT is in 1st grade this year, and it's only been two weeks, but it's so much better than last year. He's doing his homework with little fussing, his teacher said he's been cooperating, and I haven't gotten any notes home yet except stars and happy faces on his papers.

Jeanna said...

Congrats, Jodi.

We're wor 5king day by day on the PT and we're about 50% for the first two days.

Same here. He will go, but doesn't want to stop playing to go.

I am so tired. See you tomorrow.