Monday, August 25, 2008


Monday mornings suck. But, not so much when presented with something like this:
Thanks, Brenda! I'm honored! Brenda is an incredible writer; her stories are so vivid, I can smell the pizza and hear the laughter. She also tagged Bizzy with this award -- and rightly so.

Although there are many blogs to which I would like to make this presentation, I'm going to pass the medal to two blogs I've stumbled upon fairly recently, drowning in kids and Second Half. Both are very well-written and resonate to me in certain ways.

It's a nice way to start an otherwise fierce Monday. Strained talk about finances is making the home life pretty stressful. Relief, hopefully, may be in sight.


Coyote Bebop said...

Finance talk always sucks.

msmec said...

Jeanna -

Have just been through a week that helps put my (our?) children's speech delays and temper tantrums and late potty training into some perspective.

A friend had her first child last week, a home birth that went terribly awry. The mother's body was torn, and the baby may be brain-damaged because he was deprived of oxygen for a period. Heaven knows what the future holds for this wonderful family, but I'm sure they would gladly trade our worries for theirs.

I cannot imagine their anguish.

Anyway, Son's 11th birthday is tomorrow! Eleven?!

Back to the convention ....

Jeanna said...

Perspective is everything, isn't it? I'm so sorry for your friend and I hope for the best.

I've been working with Curt on handwriting, but he has always wanted me to do it with him (i.e., cover his hands with mine to write). However, this may have paid off. He wrote his name today in pre-school! It wasn't great, but it was to me. They were very surprised and I must say, so was I.