Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little Wager

Finally, I got Cowboy off his chaps and convinced him to sell the fishing boat. It sold on Ebay. The good news (no, really, with our track record, this is good news!) is that we only lost $350 from our purchase price. Here she is in all her glory, currently on a trailer, heading to Memphis.

We recently bought a deck boat, which has most of the power of the ski boat, but roomy like a pontoon. The best of both worlds. So, the next course of business is to sell the pontoon.
Last year, we paid $3,500 for the pontoon boat and trailer. That actually was a pretty good deal. It is listed on Ebay as of last night. Here’s where the wager comes in. How much will we lose on the pontoon boat? $300? $500? Or do you think we will actually (gasp!) recoup our investment? .

Why did we have three boats? Hell if I know.


Stephanie Klein said...

Not sure if you'll recoup, lose, or even end up...up. What I do know is that your comment on my blog today was damn funny, and made me say aloud, "Woo hoo, say yes to drugs!" Good luck with the boat!

Suzanne said...

Three boats? SHAZAM! Ya'll are RICH!

Jeanna said...

HaHaHa! Maybe we're broke cuz...WE BOUGHT THREE BOATS! :)