Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bad News vs. Good News


1. Curt not only has pink eye, but when I took him to the clinic, it seems he has an ear infection as well. Oh yeah, and a weird rash.

2. I had to take the day off work.

3. The truck pooped. (This should really be #1.) It is most likely the motor. That's a $5-10,000 repair. Oh, shit.

4. The school called. C1 forgot his homework on Friday; he will be subjected to something that I can't remember. Basically, he has to do his homework in study hall and give it to that teacher. What sucks is, he did it, I checked it, but he forgot it.

5. Ange has quit, temporarily, I hope, her blog. Please come back soon, Ange, we need you.


1. We are all basically healthy, for the most part.

2. We have an opportunity to buy into an existing business that may turn things around.

3. C1 has somehow fit right in at school and seems to be very happy. He started at his football Jamboree Saturday and did well. Likewise, his grades are good so far. Curt has started speaking in sentences. Wow.

4. I had to take the day off work.


ETA: Yeah! She's back!


msmec said...

Yay for you.

Some of the stories have me thinking it's about the money, too, and how quickly people (and doctors) are to trot out an autism diagnosis.

A doctor $tory: Had daughter, as a little toddler, tested for her hearing. (Obviously, the first step.) It was fine.
But the clinic tried to make me an appointment to return in six months just to see if it had changed.


Coyote Bebop said...

I hate car repair.

Kids forget stuff, it's common as hell. Schools need to be a little more understanding than that. They should have given him a schoolday to bring it in.

oh well, KUDOS to any kid who comes out of school still lovin life, and KUDOS to the parents that help them along the path.

KUDOS to you, Jeanna.


MamaBear said...

Uggg - car repairs suck. So sorry about that.

Sorry about Curt's pink eye. That must be painful for a 4 year old.

Glad to hear that Colter enjoys school.

I like to see good news along with the bad.

Have a great week my new friend.