Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby, Write This Down

Curt basically refused to hold a pencil by himself. He would take my hand, put it over his, and we would write his name or other letters together.

That is, until this week.

He did these at school. This one he traced (obviously) and added an extra "C."

Freehand! Ok, he started the "C" too far to the right and had to start back at the left with his "u." Also, the "4" (they said) was under the "r" isn't very clear, but I'm pretty impressed for his first attempt ever!

(However, the fact that I scanned these and posted them on a blog may have already tipped you off.)

ETA: When I picked Curt up this afternoon, I learned this certainly wasn't an isolated incident. He's been writing all week. Even the other kids were bragging on him. Now, if we could eliminate the pinching. I'm off to the middle school football game.


Coyote Bebop said...

That's pretty much how I write now.

I still can't "handwrite".

I print everything, and I print it BADLY!

Missy said...

Jeanna -

This is awesome! Isn't it funny how much we parents of LTs truly appreciate these little things that many parents take for granted?

Oh and his letters look alot like Ethan's dad's...

Thanks for sharing!


msmec said...

Destined to be a physician, maybe?

Or a Man of Letters!

Jeanna said...

Thanks to all. Eva, you are too funny. Really.

MamaBear said...

Way to go Curt!!!