Sunday, July 13, 2008

Potty Talk

My baby will be four later this month. He is not a baby.

He is also not potty-trained. This is beginning to become worrisome for me. He uses his potty chair every morning and will do so if you catch him at the right time. However, he has never "BMed" in the potty chair.

Yet, he is dry, every single morning.

Dr. Brown (as per usual) has a plan. He says that Curt has trained me, not the other way around. I do not deny this. According to Dr. B, Curt is using the path of least resistance. As long as I'm willing to do this for him, he'll let me. It's easier. He says neglected children generally potty-train earlier than many others. I ask him, "As opposed to overprotective, older moms?" He merely smiles.

The plan is praise and reward when he complies, and to help clean up and time out when he doesn't. Many times I think Dr. B's methods are somewhat harsh, but this time, I think he may be right. Curt seems to have no interest in using the potty consistantly.

Curt is my only child. There was no other who came along who needed my attention more, forcing Curt to assume the role of "Big Boy." Therefore (and the fact that I waited for a baby for 10 years and was in no hurry for him to grow too quickly) I have enjoyed babying him.

Apparantly, he enjoys it, too.

P.S. Ange, what are your thoughts? (I know you've talked about this on several occasions.)

P.P.S. "Overheard" is coming....

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ZILLA said...

Take heart, Jeanna. My friend's daughter, who had an older sister to role model for her, tinkle-trained without a problem, but used to go inside and ask her mother for a diaper every time she needed to move her bowels. Once the diaper was on, she would stand just inside the garage door, peeking around the corner at all of the neighborhood children playing out in the yard, sucking her thumb until she was ready to go back inside and get changed back into big-girl panties. This drove my friend CRAZY as the little girl was otherwise quite independent.

She started kindergarten on time, with no unfortunate events in school.

In fact, she's about to get her driver's license :-)

I think Dr. Brown's method is very positive: rewards for desired behavior, natural consequences (helping to clean up) for undesired behavior.

Best of luck!