Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Shock

He's coming. Friday.

Let the freak-out fest officially begin.

His mom said if this is really what he wants, she will not stand in his way. Although he states this is for good, she suggested he come for the rest of the summer and then make a decision. Which is a good idea.

Except...school starts in three weeks. THREE WEEKS!

He can't wait until that time to make a decision, because we will have to get a temporary custody order to even enroll him in school.

I've never enrolled a child (much less a teenager). I need to call the school. Who will take him to school? What about sports? The laundry, the food! (at least he's potty-trained.)

I feel so many emotions. I admit, I'm scared. The fear of the unknown has always been big for me.

As usual, Cowboy is thinking of the big picture (C1 living here = good) and the details are swimming around in my head so fast, I'm getting a little dizzy.


Coyote Bebop said...

Good luck.

I think the Doc is right about the p-training too.

Sometimes, harsh is better than the consequences.

I hope the best for you and yours.


Sonja said...

Wonderful news!! Good luck!

Suzanne said...