Friday, July 18, 2008

In Route

C1 is in route. Cowboy is meeting his (Cowboy's) mother this morning at our designated half-way point. So, he's on the road. With all his stuff. "All" his stuff includes clothes, one pair shoes, one pair cleats, a football helmet, and an XBox 360.

He has a room, a bed, a dresser and a closet. The last two need to be cleaned as I have been using them for my overflow.

We need a temporary custody order (in addition to other paperwork) to enroll him in school. Cowboy called the middle school football coach and got the skinny on practice, etc. Friends loaned us a cell phone since his won't be coming with him.

Baby steps. Deep breath.

I'll let you know when the eagle has landed.

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Coyote Bebop said...


...and remember to spend a day, every so often, just tossing leaves into the air.

Some of the most relaxing days, in my youth, were when my father would take me someplace cool, and gardeny, and relaxing, and then he would just sit on a bench, and let me be a kid.

....and breathe.