Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Success

How is it that I can ask someone for a $1 million pledge without getting very stressed, but planning a four-year-old's birthday party nearly sent me over the edge? Shouldn't the fact that I've planned events for two hundred adults make this an easier process?
A few of my crazy thoughts from last week...

"Can I get a cupcake cake?"

"Oh, no! Three of these glow-in-the-dark bracelets have already been "cracked" and are already glowing! They are for the favor bags! I must return to Dollar Tree tomorrow!" (Insert super-hero swoosh to that one.)

and, most importantly...

"Does NO ONE RSVP anymore? How many kids should I expect? What if NO ONE comes?"

They came. We had 16-18 kids there as well as parents and a few family friends. When they are running around these huge inflatable slides, houses and obstacle courses, it's diffcult to get a correct count.

They came. They jumped. They ate cake. They brought Curt cool presents.

Then, Nana took Curt home with her for two days. That was Semi's present.

"This is the most fun e-vah!"

This is "Miss Hallie," aptly named for a little teacher such as, well, Miss Hallie. She loves her some Curt.

And she doesn't mind showing it.

Or giving him high-fives for blowing out his candles.

Or, showing him how the toy she brought for him works.

Fortunately, Curt loves him some Hallie, too.

If you made it this far, thanks. However, you should know I actually took it easy on you. These were only a few of the photos -- I could've posted many, many more! Bwa-ha-ha!

P.S. As you can see from the photo above, C1 is still here, practicing football and charming the ladies.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful Boy

John Lennon says it far better than I every could.

Close your eyes,
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He's on the run and your daddy's here,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Before you go to sleep,
Say a little prayer,
Every day in every way,
It's getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age,
But I guess we'll both,
Just have to be patient,
Yes it's a long way to go,
But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street,
Take my hand,
Life is just what happens to you,
While your busy making other plans,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,
Darling Boy.

Happy Birthday, Curt. Mama loves you more than you know.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Now What?

I was worried about him coming.

Now, I'm worried about him staying.

He seems adament, but still, I worry.

We have get the processes in place to enroll him in school...this week. The first requires Cowboy to call his mom to agree to a temporary custody order. He doesn't look forward to this. So sorry, has to be done to enroll him in school, which happens the FIRST WEEK in August. So early.

He is steadfast for now. I hope he remains that way as we scurry around to get all this done.


PS I know this may be boring, but it is my life, my blog. Sorry.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I would love to go. To meet the icons.

Hell, just to meet everyone.

I have a few little tidbits at home which require more attention.

Those would be:

1. Son who requires speech therapy and behavorial (Dr. B) therapy.
2. My stepson, who just moved here today (TODAY!)
3. The little inconvenience known as my J O B.

Still, I'd love to be here. I'm sure my insecurities would be overshadowed by the fun which would be had by all. Or...maybe not. I don't know that I would feel comfortable around the ladies with 1000s of hits per day.

I was a cheerleader in high school. But, it was a very small high school.

I once was cool. What happened?

ETA: I was CAPTAIN of the cheerleaders. hahahahahaha.

The Eagle has Landed

All's good for now.

Semi off.

In Route

C1 is in route. Cowboy is meeting his (Cowboy's) mother this morning at our designated half-way point. So, he's on the road. With all his stuff. "All" his stuff includes clothes, one pair shoes, one pair cleats, a football helmet, and an XBox 360.

He has a room, a bed, a dresser and a closet. The last two need to be cleaned as I have been using them for my overflow.

We need a temporary custody order (in addition to other paperwork) to enroll him in school. Cowboy called the middle school football coach and got the skinny on practice, etc. Friends loaned us a cell phone since his won't be coming with him.

Baby steps. Deep breath.

I'll let you know when the eagle has landed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Shock

He's coming. Friday.

Let the freak-out fest officially begin.

His mom said if this is really what he wants, she will not stand in his way. Although he states this is for good, she suggested he come for the rest of the summer and then make a decision. Which is a good idea. starts in three weeks. THREE WEEKS!

He can't wait until that time to make a decision, because we will have to get a temporary custody order to even enroll him in school.

I've never enrolled a child (much less a teenager). I need to call the school. Who will take him to school? What about sports? The laundry, the food! (at least he's potty-trained.)

I feel so many emotions. I admit, I'm scared. The fear of the unknown has always been big for me.

As usual, Cowboy is thinking of the big picture (C1 living here = good) and the details are swimming around in my head so fast, I'm getting a little dizzy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Potty Talk

My baby will be four later this month. He is not a baby.

He is also not potty-trained. This is beginning to become worrisome for me. He uses his potty chair every morning and will do so if you catch him at the right time. However, he has never "BMed" in the potty chair.

Yet, he is dry, every single morning.

Dr. Brown (as per usual) has a plan. He says that Curt has trained me, not the other way around. I do not deny this. According to Dr. B, Curt is using the path of least resistance. As long as I'm willing to do this for him, he'll let me. It's easier. He says neglected children generally potty-train earlier than many others. I ask him, "As opposed to overprotective, older moms?" He merely smiles.

The plan is praise and reward when he complies, and to help clean up and time out when he doesn't. Many times I think Dr. B's methods are somewhat harsh, but this time, I think he may be right. Curt seems to have no interest in using the potty consistantly.

Curt is my only child. There was no other who came along who needed my attention more, forcing Curt to assume the role of "Big Boy." Therefore (and the fact that I waited for a baby for 10 years and was in no hurry for him to grow too quickly) I have enjoyed babying him.

Apparantly, he enjoys it, too.

P.S. Ange, what are your thoughts? (I know you've talked about this on several occasions.)

P.P.S. "Overheard" is coming....

Friday, July 11, 2008

No News for Now

Just to let you know....we know nothing.

C1 called Cowboy last night. He said he would be talking to his mom on Saturday with Aunt Sally (formerly known here as SIL). I think he wants back-up.

Please let me state this: we did not encourage this. As a mother, I can't even begin to fathom my child leaving my home. However, I must say this. Things are not good there. There have been numerous electricity cut-offs due to non-payment. There are other rumors that I won't go into because it's not my story to tell.

This ain't about fun at the lake.

On a lighter note, I feel fairly certain "Overheard at Camp Redneck" will have an update come Sunday.

Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Maybe Longer?

One doesn't want to leave. He wants to stay. He wants to live here.

He proclaimed it loudly and clearly. He wants to live here. We went back to the lake yesterday to meet my SIL and BIL and their two kids. They came up for a couple of days and will take C1 back tomorrow with them. C1 asked SIL to talk to his mom with him.

He was four when we met, five when we married. He was not impressed as a little guy about another woman in Dad's life (as anyone can imagine). He told me then, "I don't love you."

He loves me now. He tells others, "Kay is good to me." Kay is what Cowboy calls me, a shortening of my middle name.

He seems to mean this. He was little (seven?) the last time he said it. It is exciting, scary, and certain to change our lives. I believe in a good way. I asked him, "So, you want to do this even though Curt may bug you?" He replied, "Him bugging me wouldn't bother me. He needs a big brother." Perhaps C1 needs a little one as well.

We explained to him that his mom may be very upset when he talks to her. She recently went through another divorce. She is struggling. He understood.

I don't know what will happen. I feel his Mom will convince him otherwise. But, the fact that he wants this means a lot to his Dad, and to me.

Good luck, C1. Godspeed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Two Weeks

Two weeks to bond

One is three
One is thirteen
Both speech delayed - for different reasons

One has a full-time dad
One doesn't

One is chasing, laughing
One is being chased, screaming

Two boys in the lake, heads bobbing
The little one's arms around the bigger one's shoulders
The little one screaming his name repeatedly -- almost perfectly

One will leave
One will stay
Both are in my heart -- forever.