Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just When You Think...

Just when you think you know somebody.

Cowboy and I have been married for eight years. I thought I knew what he would do in just about any situation.

Then he goes and does something like this. For no good reason. I have to admit, it came as a surprise, a shock even.



Thanks, you big lug. This is the best thing you've ever given me. Ok, second best.

The love I have for my Coach purse is not right. But, honey, if lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right.


ZILLA said...

You're one lucky woman. I had to buy mine, which is very similar to yours but lighter in color, for myself.

It was destiny, or kismet, or some karmic reward I had had no idea I deserved: I walked into Macy's early one January day, and there it was, one of a kind, nestled among the bags by Nine West, and there was not another COACH bag, anywhere, in the entire store. There was no price tag, so I took it to the service counter.

It was a returned item, purchased from another Macy's. It was entered into the system as a sale item: 50% off.

I had never, ever, spent more than $20 on a purse, but this was love at first sight.

We are inseparable -- winter, spring, summer, fall. It's the bag that put an end to my constant, neurotic search for the perfect bag. Its quality and style will last a lifetime.

Jeanna said...

Thanks for telling your Coach story. My husband does NOT do things like this!

It was a very, very good deal (about 70% off retail) and probably hot if you must know, but still....I love it.