Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday?

I am planning Curt's 4th birthday party. The first "friend" party he will have.

I am trying to organize a guest list. The festivities will be held at an inflatable party place. You know, with those houses and castles and slides that are... you know...inflated? You know, where they jump and jump until they puke or pass out?

It's difficult to compose a guest list when Curt does not speak of anyone, K? Also, I'm not one of those moms who hangs out and yaks with the other breeders. I'm kind of going on guesses here since I only have 25 invitations to give out. If that weren't the case, I'd just invite the whole class and be done with it. I want the 25 I give out to be worthy invitations. You know, to those who have a damn good chance of actually coming.

Here's the thing: I am so scared no one with come. Is that weird? Am I worried because Curt is a late talker or because of my own insecurities? Is Warthog still looming in my psyche?

I also know nada about these gift bags I'm supposed to have for the guests. It will be boys and girls, ages 3-6. Please help!


Coyote Bebop said...

I have NO IDEA.

Hope it goes (went?) well.

Sonja said...

Little play-doh tubs, fruit snacks, inexpensive bubbles...

Sonja said...
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