Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ode to My Boy and Me -- aka Happy Mother's Day

I once knew a girl named Semi
She used to be a party girl.
She married -- twice
and wanted a baby (the whole time) .

She gave up on that plan
It was unsuccessful.
Then, two years later--
She was fertilized - unexpectedly.

What a crazy deal - 38 and pregnant.
She was happy beyond expression.
Birth was hard -- and long
But it was OK.
She finally had her baby.

It was all hard.
But her baby was a good baby.
One year old. Happy Birthday, Baby.
Why aren't you talking?

Begin the hell.
Stir and repeat.
Your perfect child is imperfect.
No matter what you think.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby.
Why aren't you talking?

He must be Autistic.
No, he's not.
He must be autistic.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby.

He still has problems with language.
The preschool doesn't like him.
I hate that...
They don't like him.

The other kids do.
The student teachers as well.
I hope the head teacher's grandchild
Will be as perfect as she hopes.
(he's in the class)

He is not perfect.
He is not compliant, for the most part.
He is very smart, if you will look for it.

If you are looking for a robot,
Who will follow your effing rules 100%,
He's not your guy.

If you want intelligent interaction
Maybe on his own timeframe
He's your little guy.

Don't expect too little,
Don't expect too much,
He is his own person.

Just like you, right?
I'm sorry, the way you *used* to be.

The way we all used to be.


Brenda said...


Coyote Bebop said...

Sometimes, I wish that I hadn't spoken until I was 30.

A boy was once told that he would never make it in this world...he was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A boy was once told that he couldn't act...he was Gary Oldman.

A boy was once told that his imagination was a wrong thing...he was Mark Twain.

A boy was once told that he was "simple minded", and that he would not amount to very much at all...

...he was Albert Einstein.


Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

This is a great poem.

We should really all do a book together.

Jeanna said...


I'm all for it. It needs to be said, plus, we could use the extra income. heh.

You're the woman who could make it happen!