Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prescript - Postscript

I did it. I made the doctor's appointment. Anti-depressants, here I come!

Re-reading my post did it for me. The information in the post is true, but it's how I sounded. Not like me.

I hear that Lexapro is an effective management tool (think 'What about Bob?" here), so I'm going to talk to my ob/gyn about that.

Just think, in five short weeks I could feel like a new person, telling him to go on back to Bammy if that's his pleasure and throwing dirty pants at his head whilst he naps.

It will be good for things to get back to normal.

P.S. Thanks for your support. I don't mean to laugh at anxiety/depression (I think I have a combination of both). However, I must be able to laugh at myself. Or with myself. You know what I mean.


Coyote Bebop said...

Manic/Depressive here.

Like none of you could tell.

Not drastic enough for drugs though...

...just annoying enough to be kicked outdoors with the cat whenever him & I decide to tear up the house chasing one another around.

Suzanne said...


I'm glad you made this decision. When things get too much something has to give. I think the meds will give you some distance which you likely sorely need right about now. And anyway, it's not like the olden days when us girls had to get hooked on valium. SSRI's are a much better mother's little helper.

LOVE that you're blogging! (Maybe I've mentioned that before.)

Brenda said...

Good for you, Jeanna!