Friday, April 4, 2008

Of Friends Past

I have a good feeling, just by making the appointment. For me, at least. Do I reveal too much here? I find that I want to defend Cowboy when good folks are only telling me what they believe is true...due to my own post. Hmmm.

I talked to my best friend, Bizzy, tonight. This was good. Laughter abound and all that lovely business. I do love the Bizzy!

However, our talk wasn't all laughs. Our friend is out of control. Way out. It is not my place to go into details, but it's really bad.

Is is wrong that this situation makes me feel my life is so much more in control? By golly, compared to this, my life could be compared to the Beav or Ozzie and Harriet.

God keep you, Gaylon, wherever you are. We're trying to find you.


Coyote Bebop said...

Cowboy: Probably a good man. I hope that I didn't attack too much. It was more a self centered relative thing. I used to REALLY hurt people's feelings. So, if I think that I see another, like I used to be, I wanna protect the person that might get hurt. I wanna scream "RUN!". However, I'm just relating it to m'self, because it brings back those worries. A counseler once asked me, "What would you say to your past self?" I answered, "I wouldn't say anything, I would just kick my ass".

Life, when compared, can be seen as great, or horrible...depends on what you're comparing it to.

Compared to the cat...I work too much.

Jeanna said...


No need to apologize! I brought it up. Why is it that I can complain about my husband, mother, etc., but if anyone agrees with me, I suddenly want to defend them? Is that a female thang?

Anyway, I appreciate your support. You tell it like it is, man. And that's ok. Ok, more than OK.

Jeanna said...

PS. "I would just kick my ass." Too funny.