Friday, March 14, 2008

A Summer Place

This week at work has been mighty stressful. We have deadlines and events, not to mention at least one member of our staff is insane. That in itself can slow productivity. (No, not me, but thank you for playing.)

Remember the person I mentioned who was highly irritating, but perhaps not purposefully? Strike that. No one can be that irritating without trying, at least a little. I could also say "or that skinny," but that would make me a petty bitch, so I won't.

This weekend, we're going to the lake for our campground's Grand Opening weekend. Yes, it's March and too cold to do squat. We're basically going to set up the camper and to drink copious amounts of adult beverages.

However, I'm excited for two reasons: 1) We have a babysitter for Curt, beginning Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon! I really, really need a break; 2) Our camper upgrade -- the addition (screened porch) seen at right.

Quit laughing (especially you, Laura K! It's surely not the CYC) -- I spent nearly every weekend last summer in this damned campground. On the bright side, you can't see the lake nor pool. We do have fun on the pontoon boat or in the pool, but keeping Curt happy in the very small space of our humble abode is not easy. The porch is an attempt to remedy that. With a lock. Or two. (This photo was taken before total completion. Believe me, there is now a door.)

Have a great weekend. Cheers!


Brenda said...

That is SO cute, Jeanna! Hope you had a great time.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Looks like a great escape to me.
Especially the adult beverages part.

Suzanne said...

See? I didn't even KNOW this. It's so great you are blogging.

Coyote Bebop said...

LOVE the add on.

Laura K said...

What do you do if you want to drive the camper somewhere???


Jeanna said...

After the addition, that's not an option!